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Community Council

The Community Council members are your representatives



Ideas related to the community? Tell us!

IRC Log 2010-08-12

  • Supposed start time: 18:30 UTC
  • Location: IRC

Council Members


  • Andreas Bartel (Andreas_UX)
  • Christoph Noack (christoph_n)
  • Cor Nouws (CorNouws)
  • Eike Rathke (erAck)
  • Jürgen Schmidt (jsc)
  • Stefan Taxhet (stx12)
  • Olivier Hallot (olivierhallot)


  • Charles-H. Schulz
  • Louis Suárez-Potts
  • Matthias Hütsch


Times are in CEST (UTC+2)

20:52 jsc ok, let us start with the official meeting
20:52 jsc The minutes from the last meeting can be found under
20:53 jsc do you all agree and accept the minutes from the last meeting?
20:53 Andreas_UX I do
20:53 stx12 ok
20:53 olivierhallot +1
20:53 Andreas_UX by the way, can someone add me to the mailing list
20:53 Andreas_UX or tell me how to do that myself
20:54 stx12 i'll add you
20:54 jsc 2010-03-04#2: Refresh Incubator and NLC Project processes -> Louis
20:54 jsc Louis is not here today, so i expect no update.
20:54 Andreas_UX thx stephan
20:54 olivierhallot he already started somthing in the NLC list
20:55 jsc 2010-03-04#3 : Publicize the open slot at the start of the CC meetings -> Juergen
20:55 jsc ah ok thanks, but i would be nice if he would update the status in our agenda. I will remind him.
20:56 jsc i have updated the status in the agenda ...
20:56 jsc i have changed the name according the voting on the list and have added a template for a reminder email.
20:57 jsc well the template could be changed or improved if necessary. I kept it simple.
20:57 jsc i think this AI is done now.
20:58 jsc any feedback?
20:58 stx12 sounds good; i forgot about the schedule for this slot - every second cc meeting?
20:58 Andreas_UX what about timing? Did we come to an agreement?
20:59 jsc yes, that was the idea. The next would be in Budapest.
20:59 erAck jsc: where is the template?
20:59 Andreas_UX this one
20:59 Andreas_UX  ?
20:59 jsc it's a link under the related section in the meeting guidelines
21:00 * stx12 thinks the item is done
21:00 jsc i think the timeline was the first 30 min of our regular meeting. Please correct me if i am wrong
21:01 jsc i can add a further sentence in the guidelines to make the timeline clear
21:01 jsc it's a minor change. I am still thinking that it is done
21:01 jsc next ...
21:02 jsc 2010-03-04#6: Talk to Education Project Leads about structure and remit -> Cor
21:02 jsc it's stalled ...
21:02 Andreas_UX ok
21:03 Andreas_UX can someone explain to me what this AI is all about?
21:03 Andreas_UX thanks!
21:03 Andreas_UX any specific focus?
21:03 jsc 2010-04-01#7: Talk to NLC about ‘NLC of the Month’ for OOo Newsletter -> Charles
21:03 jsc again, i expect no update because Charles is not here today. Does anybody else want to add something
21:03 stx12 i think it's easier to explain this in a face2face meeting.
21:04 jsc sorry, mmh yes but maybe we can discuss this in Budapest in detail.
21:04 -!- christoph_n has joined #ooocouncil
21:04 jsc yes i agree to Stefan on this point
21:04 Andreas_UX i am ok with that
21:04 christoph_n Sorry, I know I'm late :-(
21:04 olivierhallot ok for me.
21:05 jsc 2010-04-01#1: Community situation -> all
21:05 erAck jsc: as 2010-04-01#7 says "This month the Hungarian team ..." we might at least update the Last Update date.
21:05 jsc any updates
21:06 jsc erAck: i will remind Charles to update it
21:07 jsc i think this AI is one for Budapest as well. Cor send an email today with some points he want to discuss ...
21:07 jsc this AI = 2010-04-01#1
21:08 jsc anyway, anybody who wants to add something here and today?
21:08 erAck I think that's best done face2face.
21:08 jsc ok, next
21:08 christoph_n Yes.
21:09 Andreas_UX hi christoph!
21:09 christoph_n Hi all!
21:09 jsc 2010-04-29#2: scrolling, scrolling ... -> Missing OOo desktop presence -> Christoph, Stefan
21:09 stx12 hi
21:09 olivierhallot me too I have to bring an issue here...
21:09 christoph_n Again, sorry for missing the first half hour ...
21:10 stx12 no change since the last update Andreas_UX gave
21:10 christoph_n Stefan, concerning this AI, did you get any update by Michael? Or, Andreas, is there any news?
21:10 jsc no problem , you got 4 new AI's
21:10 christoph_n jsc: only 4? ;-)
21:10 Andreas_UX since the last chat, nothing really happend. at least nothing I know of
21:11 Andreas_UX I am still expecting marketing to go public with their decision and ellaborate a bit
21:11 christoph_n There have been some questions on the releases list. Some guessed there might be holiday time...
21:11 Andreas_UX it really is
21:11 Andreas_UX holiday time
21:12 jsc we should ask marketing to come as soon as possible with an update -> AI owners???
21:13 christoph_n Who is responsible here? Rosana?
21:13 stx12 christoph_n: she is involved but depends on others. and is on vacation...
21:13 Andreas_UX Rosana is the communication channel, yes
21:14 Andreas_UX I'd guess at least
21:14 christoph_n So pinging here doesn't make sense at the moment?
21:14 stx12 not for a week.
21:14 jsc can we expect something for Budapest?
21:14 Andreas_UX I am. However, not sure about that.
21:15 stx12 i would hope so; rosana has a talk about the topic anyway.
21:15 christoph_n Ah, I didn't knew that. Maybe this could be added to the AI comments (I'll do that), if anybody has questions and may need some reference.
21:16 jsc at least an update that it will take some more time would be a good one ;-)
21:16 stx12
21:16 christoph_n Well, the AI is already from end of April. I know, a rather young one (looking at the others), but nevertheless...
21:17 christoph_n stx: "<!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } --> " :-)
21:17 jsc with me as the CCC we will work on AI's :-)
21:17 -!- CorNouws has joined #ooocouncil
21:17 christoph_n jsc: :-)))
21:17 christoph_n Hi Cor!
21:17 CorNouws HI christoph_n, all
21:18 erAck hi!
21:18 Andreas_UX hey Core!
21:18 stx12 hi cor; just in time to say goodbye ;-)
21:18 jsc hi Cor, bye Cor we are already done ;-)
21:18 jsc ok not really, do you want to share anything with us?
21:18 CorNouws Sorry I missed some - prolly the most essetial part ot evening
21:19 CorNouws jsc: Ah, not so much on the agenda?
21:19 jsc did you finished the work on your floor?
21:19 * erAck proposes to run a quick update on 2010-03-04#6, if there is any.
21:19 stx12 just a heads up for CorNouws and christoph_n: the CC meeting is scheduled for tuesday 1600 and we plan to have dinner afterwards
21:19 CorNouws partly ... have cleaned half of it, have to dry, new oil later this evening, and the second half tomorrow
21:20 CorNouws stx12: great :-) where will the meeting be?
21:20 jsc cor: sounds good and will make your family happy
21:20 stx12 i talked to the organizers (peter); we will have a room at the university.
21:21 CorNouws and since I am part of my family ;-)
21:21 christoph_n stx12: Thanks!!!
21:21 erAck CorNouws: sure? ;-)
21:21 jsc stx12: i assume you will inform us in time with the details
21:21 stx12 jsc: yes
21:21 CorNouws OK, I will mail peter too, since we need three/four rooms close, for the various meetings, so that people are able to attend two at the same time
21:22 * stx12 hopes that we will not feel like on a main station in the cc meeting
21:23 jsc i would say we are done with the official meeting for today
21:23 Andreas_UX seems to :-)
21:23 Andreas_UX so
21:23 erAck we skipped one AI, Cor, any news on 2010-03-04#6 Talk to Education Project Leads about structure and remit
21:23 CorNouws stx12: I'll try to get other project plan their meetings at diferent times, slots so to say
21:23 olivierhallot I have to bring an issue...
21:24 jsc by the way, has anybody of you logged the meeting? I forgot it :-(
21:24 stx12 olivierhallot: go ahead
21:24 Andreas_UX shoot olivier
21:24 jsc o sorry Olivier, please go ahead ...
21:24 erAck jsc: my continuous log should be running.
21:24 olivierhallot shooting... it is the new brand, comming closer to OO new brand...
21:25 olivierhallot please look at
21:25 olivierhallot I am uploading the files
21:25 CorNouws erAck: no news on that, still same status
21:25 olivierhallot we request to update the logo on the new release
21:26 stx12 so you are looking for a contact that helps you to integrate the change?
21:26 CorNouws olivierhallot: not that it really matters: but looks very good to me. And indeed, coming closer to.
21:27 olivierhallot sort of. We are submitting this new brand design for approval of the CC.
21:31 stx12 to me the design looks ok; have you heard any feedback from the branding list?
21:31 erAck um.. is the CC in the position to approve a brand design?
21:31 CorNouws Do they have a branding list in Brazil too?
21:32 CorNouws erAck: IIRC, the cc decided about the special position of the brand
21:32 christoph_n erAck: For OOo, I would be sure that we speak for the community. For the, I simply don't know.
21:32 olivierhallot we have not a local lists but it was a decision of consensus among our NGO members
21:32 christoph_n Especially since we didn't "approve" the OOo logo ...
21:33 CorNouws so it is correct, or at least very polite, that Olivier/Br.Office ask the CC
21:33 Andreas_UX �indeed good point
21:33 christoph_n CorNouws: Correct.
21:34 christoph_n From my side, if it goes well with the OOo logo, I recommend to use it. If the community comes to another decision, it is their right to optimize the branding for their region (my personal thoughts).
21:34 christoph_n By the way: This doesn't make sense only, if we get a trademark policy for the new logo that finally works!
21:35 christoph_n (I mean the OOo logo)
21:35 olivierhallot Christoph: we, as, consider ourselves as in Brazil. Nothing more, nothing less.
21:35 stx12 yes, the status of is still in discussion
21:35 christoph_n oliverhallot: I know :-) But you did excellent work to grow in your region ... so how should I be able to decide something like that? ;-)
21:36 stx12 and so i think an update of the design as proposed by olivierhallot is appropriate
21:36 CorNouws olivierhallot: Yes, you expplained some time before (on a mil list?) the situation that it is not easy to change to in Brazil, because of the strong current brand, although legaly it woudl be possible now. Did I understand that correct?
21:37 jsc olivier: sure and the Brazil community did a very good job ...
21:37 CorNouws stx12: +1
21:37 jsc +1
21:38 olivierhallot Cor: exact. Thanks to Stephan recent mail to us with the Court decision, we have already a clear "legal" explanation. But market is another story.
21:40 stx12 olivierhallot: i think we have to continue the evaluation of the legal aspects. as soon as we have this clarfied we should talk about the long term route.
21:40 stx12 but in the meantime it makes sense that broffice follows the brand refresh
21:41 christoph_n stx12: Stefan, if the community cannot safely use the OOo logo, does it make sense to integrate the new logo?
21:42 olivierhallot stx12: I am sure we will have time to talk about that in Budapest
21:42 stx12 that's what i mean with follow the brand refresh; use the logo as proposed by olivierhallot that is close to the new design
21:42 stx12 olivierhallot: yes, I'm looking forward to this.
21:42 Andreas_UX I would support that
21:43 christoph_n Mmmh, I don't get it.
21:44 Andreas_UX what do you mean chris?
21:44 Andreas_UX maybe I don't get that too ;-)
21:44 christoph_n So I understand that it is desired to let follow the brand refresh ...
21:45 christoph_n ... this makes sense if the new logo is accepted and there is a clear policy how to use it. Otherwise ...
21:45 CorNouws christoph_n: ...
21:45 CorNouws what logo do we see in ?
21:45 christoph_n ... it would make less sense. And here, it seems that we don't have the appropriate Trademark Policy.
21:46 christoph_n So, if there is no clear idea for the community how to use the new OOo logo, why join the effort.
21:46 jsc the proposed brand from Olivier for now. Ongoing discussion if the brand can be moved into in a smooth and well prepared transition + a good and also well prepared marketing campaign ...
21:47 stx12 i would not block olivier's activity by creating this dependency.
21:48 christoph_n stx12: I don't want to block it. It is just a matter of being aware of it ... here we talk about months of waiting.
21:48 CorNouws I see no special problem for the new BrOo logo. It can be used in the product just as the OOO new logo. And the policy will foolow soon.
21:48 jsc sure not directly but it good be a way for the future if all agree
21:48 stx12 i will follow up on the usage question in the next days. and basically it doesn't change anything for the broffice team.
21:48 christoph_n stx12: That would be great. There is real demand to get this clarified.
21:48 CorNouws oops s/OOO/OOo ;-)
21:49 christoph_n CorNouws: ;-)
21:49 stx12 christoph_n: yes, i'm aware of that
21:50 christoph_n Okay, thanks!
21:51 jsc to summarize it ...
21:51 jsc we all accept the proposal from Olivier
21:51 jsc
21:51 Andreas_UX yes
21:51 Andreas_UX i do
21:51 erAck +1
21:51 CorNouws ok
21:51 stx12 ok
21:51 olivierhallot Gentlemen, thank you very much indeed.
21:51 jsc anything else for today?
21:52 * CorNouws my floor ...
21:52 christoph_n +1 (by considering to the comments above)
21:52 christoph_n CorNouws: flOOor
21:52 Andreas_UX you're funny today ;-)
21:52 olivierhallot Just a practical note: to whom should I assign this branding issue?
21:53 * christoph_n is always funny :-)
21:53 CorNouws  :-D
21:53 stx12 i think it need a bit more work; i guess we'll need exact replacements for the files.
21:54 stx12 those affected like splash...
21:54 CorNouws think I have to leave - erAck: can you pls send me the log (of the first part)?
21:54 erAck CorNouws: I'll do.
21:54 stx12 i'll see who can guide you there...
21:54 CorNouws thnks all & bye bye
21:55 Andreas_UX I will join you Core ;-)
21:55 jsc bye Cor
21:55 erAck bye
21:55 olivierhallot bye
21:55 christoph_n Bye Cor, bye Andreas!
21:55 Andreas_UX Have a good one everybody!
21:55 -!- CorNouws has left #ooocouncil []
21:55 -!- Andreas_UX has quit [Quit: Andreas_UX]
21:55 olivierhallot bye all!
21:56 -!- olivierhallot has left #ooocouncil []
21:56 christoph_n Okay, then I'll update the AI ... thanks to all and have a nice evening!

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