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Community Council

The Community Council members are your representatives



Ideas related to the community? Tell us!

Gesprek met #OOoCouncil

(17:50:04) jpmcc1: Are we all here? Who's in the chair (no L-SP)?
(17:50:26) Thalion72: L-SP is excused .. pavel is missing
(17:51:35) jpmcc1: Should we start?
(17:51:47) Thalion72: I'd say - yes
(17:52:37) jpmcc1: Have we seen any minutes for the meeting Dec 11 2008?
(17:53:15) CorNouws: jpmccj1 Couldn't find them ...
(17:53:39) sophi: jpmcc1: no
(17:53:40) Thalion72: no - if we had, we had not this problems with the budgets
(17:53:59) jpmcc1: So we can't approve them. Have we a volunteer to take minutes for this meeting?
(17:54:24) ***Thalion72 volunteers
(17:54:36) jpmcc1: Thank you!
(17:54:51) sophi: Thalion72: thank you :)
(17:55:24) jpmcc1: Moving on... Approval of provisional budgets for 2009
(17:56:27) Thalion72: jpmcc1: hmm .. what exactly is meant with this?
(17:56:37) jpmcc1: In the absence of any proposal, I would like to propose we set the same budgets for 2009 as we had in 2008...
(17:57:01) CorNouws: For time being?
(17:57:10) ***mhu needs ~3 min break ... back soon
(17:57:15) _Nesshof_: jpmcc1: this is what I proposed in December
(17:57:33) Thalion72: _Nesshof_: and where we have no miutes or log for :(
(17:57:50) _Nesshof_: until we have calculated the final data (around February)
(17:58:13) jpmcc1: _Nesshof_ good
(17:58:51) CorNouws: OK, if we agree not to spend more than say 50% before end Febr
(17:59:10) _Nesshof_: CorNouws: ok
(17:59:55) Thalion72: ok
(18:00:31) jpmcc1: As we are now neaar the end of Jan, it might be safer to set budgets for Q1, and we agree to review during March. Same 50% cap.
(18:00:53) CorNouws: Even better for me.
(18:00:59) Thalion72: jpmcc1: hmm .. no
(18:01:31) Thalion72: I'd not set quartly budgets as long as we have no information about last years spendings
(18:01:58) jpmcc is weggegaan (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(18:01:59) jpmcc1: Thalion72: are you confident all budget holders will be ready with itemised budget proposals in Feb?
(18:02:17) jpmcc1: That's not me ;-)
(18:02:51) Thalion72: jpmcc1: no .. I'm not confident - but TEam OOo e.V. will be ready with the financial review
(18:03:17) mhu: back again ... sorry
(18:03:39) Thalion72: so at the moment we have no exxact ide, what the sepnigs for las year were .. neither, whet the income was
(18:03:46) stx12: hm, i don't see the problem; i had a budgert of 10K; spent 1.6K; will be happy to work with 10K for 2009 without a cap as a start
(18:03:59) Thalion72: and we have no idea, what the budget holders are going to request
(18:04:16) CorNouws: mhu: can we help you preparing the budget proposal?
(18:04:17) jpmcc1: OK, that's fine. So we set a deadline of the end of Feb. Full 'sources and applications of funds' statement from TeamOOo for 2008, and itemised budget requests from all budget holders.
(18:04:46) mhu: hmm, of course do we have an idea what the spending was: almost zero
(18:04:52) Thalion72: jpmcc1: yes
(18:05:09) sophi: mhu: almost is not zero ;)
(18:05:10) stx12: jpmcc1: as a budget holder i will not be able to prepare the requests - these come in over the year
(18:05:28) stx12: or are we talking about 2008?
(18:05:38) Thalion72: stx12: so you need to provide an estimation
(18:05:40) jpmcc1: stx12: 2009.
(18:05:47) stx12: ~10K
(18:06:00) Thalion72: if your estimation is, that youe can go with 10k .. I'm fine with this
(18:06:03) stx12: i just want to remove the stumbling blocks
(18:06:19) Thalion72: but I like to see this on the mailing list before we decide about it
(18:06:25) mhu: my budget proposal is simple: start with the same budget as for 2008
(18:06:35) stx12: so that we (all budget hiolders) can move forward instead of waiting
(18:06:56) Thalion72: mhu: yes
(18:07:05) Thalion72: ... and review end of Feb.
(18:07:30) jpmcc1: OK, so can we vote on this for the minutes and then move on?
(18:07:36) stx12: do we all feel ready to vote on this?
(18:07:43) stx12: yes, +1 from me
(18:07:43) Thalion72: me - yes
(18:07:48) jpmcc1: +1
(18:07:50) Thalion72: +1
(18:07:51) mhu: +1
(18:07:55) sophi: +1
(18:07:58) CorNouws: +1
(18:08:20) _Nesshof_: +1
(18:08:38) jpmcc1: OK, thank you.
(18:09:02) jpmcc1: Next item: Endorsement of "Developer's Manifesto 2009"
(18:09:16) Thalion72: this is what you sent today?
(18:09:28) jpmcc1: Thalion72: yes
(18:09:40) mhu: how shall that be used ?
(18:09:49) jpmcc1: I believe this dates back to an AI from Beijing...
(18:10:30) jpmcc1: ...we ppost this Manifesto on the OOo website so we can refer to it in blogs, interviews, PRs, etc.
(18:10:47) mhu: ah, okay; then I'm all for it
(18:10:55) jpmcc1: For example, we will post a news item about our presence at FOSDEM - and point back to the 'Manifesto'
(18:11:53) Thalion72: fine with me
(18:12:02) jpmcc1: It's been through a number of review cycles on the PR list, so if everyone is happy, can we have +1s?
(18:12:12) sophi: +1
(18:12:16) mhu: +1
(18:12:17) CorNouws: +1
(18:12:35) stx12: +1
(18:12:38) Thalion72: +1
(18:12:45) _Nesshof_: +1
(18:12:53) jpmcc1: +1
(18:13:19) CorNouws: Thanks for all the work on this
(18:13:23) jpmcc1: Agreed. Thank you. Moving on...
(18:13:39) jpmcc1: AOB?
(18:13:46) mhu: what is "AOB" ?
(18:13:48) Thalion72: :)
(18:13:53) jpmcc1: Any Other Business
(18:13:58) Thalion72: yes
(18:14:00) mhu: ah :-)
(18:14:23) Thalion72: two things (nothing to decide about ATM, but I'd like get this done)
(18:14:25) jpmcc1: Thalion72: pleaase proceed
(18:14:44) Thalion72: we should "finalize" the change of the charter
(18:15:09) Thalion72: we've gone through all the steps - but the charter needs to be published in the new form
(18:15:17) mhu: what's missing ?
(18:15:33) sophi: mhu: publication
(18:15:44) mhu: ah, thanks, understood
(18:15:56) Thalion72: mhu: a statement that the plebiscite has passed .. and the publication
(18:16:19) Thalion72: if nobody else volunteers, I'd like to do this within the next week
(18:16:46) mhu: yes, please go ahead (IMHO)
(18:16:50) Thalion72: ok
(18:16:51) sophi: Thalion72: please do :)
(18:17:09) jpmcc1: OK, so do we need to note formally that the CC accepts th results of the plebiscite, and instructs Thalion72 to update the site?
(18:17:33) mhu: if you so want, yes
(18:17:37) Thalion72: second item (and related): the funding and budgets procedures should be moved form the wiki to the ooo website, so that they are considered as "stable"
(18:17:47) jpmcc1: If so, can we +1 for the minutes plese?
(18:18:11) Thalion72: jpmcc1: I would not suggest to vote now
(18:18:30) sophi: +1 to first item
(18:18:32) Thalion72: jpmcc1: we should vote on the list, after I post a review of the plebiscite
(18:18:47) jpmcc1: Thalion72: agreed.
(18:18:51) mhu: okay
(18:19:09) _Nesshof_: ok
(18:19:21) sophi: ok, I take back my vote ;)
(18:19:55) jpmcc1: Thalion72: your second point - I suggest we wait until we have all the authorisers approved, and the budgets agreed (next month)?
(18:20:24) mhu: wrt 2nd item: I'd consider the budget procedure(s) as still experimental
(18:20:33) Thalion72: jpmcc1: I dont want to move de budgets / authoriczers to the website .. as this is the "dynamic" part
(18:20:49) Thalion72: mhu: hmm .. ok
(18:20:52) jpmcc1: Thalion72: ok
(18:21:09) mhu: ...we have not even tried to follow all those procedures, so how can they be stable ?
(18:21:27) mhu: [okay, some have tried...]
(18:21:42) ***stx12 tried...
(18:21:49) jpmcc1: I believe CorNouws also had a slight amendment to suggest to the procedures ... so maybe they are still in beta
(18:21:49) Thalion72: mhu: ok .. but I'dlike to make the more visible (actually they are hard to find)
(18:22:03) CorNouws: I had a proposal for more clear workflow, last week
(18:22:15) CorNouws: but forgot to post it on the agenda
(18:22:18) mhu: yes, they should be easy to find for everyone
(18:22:19) CorNouws: apologies for that
(18:22:28) sophi: Thalion72: agreed
(18:22:38) jpmcc1: Thalion72: I can put some links in from the main site, and add the link to the siteIndex
(18:23:03) Thalion72: jpmcc1: ok (I was going to suggest a link from the council website)
(18:23:32) stx12: Thalion72: the link from the council page is already in place
(18:23:35) jpmcc1: OK, AI on me to make things more visible.
(18:23:37) Thalion72: *grmpf* .. I should read the website more carefully
(18:23:42) stx12: <A HREF=""></A>
(18:24:34) Thalion72: ok .. no more items from my side
(18:24:45) jpmcc1: I'll still keep the AI - looks like there needs to be a usability review :)
(18:24:49) CorNouws: and I'll post it to te list, shortly
(18:25:15) jpmcc1: AI for CorNouws.
(18:25:15) jpmcc1: Any more AOB?
(18:25:39) Thalion72: no
(18:25:40) sophi: yes, please all reply to my SPI information mail :)
(18:25:41) CorNouws: Does the cc have an eye on the process for the trademark
(18:25:54) mhu: yes
(18:26:06) jpmcc1: AI on everyone from Sophi
(18:26:21) sophi: jpmcc1: thank you!
(18:26:24) Thalion72: CorNouws: it has some eyes on it ...
(18:26:43) CorNouws: sophi: I've seen both your mails, but cannot provide any info. Sorry.
(18:26:44) jpmcc1: mhu: who can report to the next CC on the trademark?
(18:27:15) sophi: jpmcc1: me, I've followed the story
(18:27:45) Thalion72: sophi: regarding the SPI info mail .. seems I missed that (what mail exactly?)
(18:27:52) jpmcc1: sophi: can you prepare a short note for the next mtg pls?
(18:28:01) sophi: Thalion72: I'll resend it
(18:28:06) mhu: sophi: wrt SPI: I don't know anything about it
(18:28:07) Thalion72: ok
(18:28:10) sophi: jpmcc1: yes
(18:28:33) jpmcc1: sophi: tx
(18:29:08) sophi: mhu: but they have an OOo account so we should take care of it, this was the topic of my mail, may be they have money for us
(18:29:09) jpmcc1: OK- last call for AOB?
(18:29:40) mhu: sophi: yes, but LSP has made all those contacts, and I dont know of it
(18:30:16) mhu: so, I think LSP needs to answer your email, sophi
(18:30:16) sophi: mhu: yes, I understand it
(18:30:22) jpmcc1: AI on LS-P to report to the Treasurer on what he's done?
(18:30:44) mhu: yes, maybe that would help :-)
(18:31:10) stx12: or more precise - establish contact from treasurer to treasurer
(18:31:16) jpmcc1: OK, last last call for AOB?
(18:31:28) jpmcc1: stx12: good
(18:31:41) sophi: jpmcc1: it's ok for me
(18:31:55) mhu: I'm done
(18:32:33) jpmcc1: Meeting closed at 17:32 UTC. Thanks everybody and enjoy your evening!
(18:32:39) stx12: bye all
(18:32:50) mhu: bye all
(18:32:50) CorNouws: thanks all, bye bye
(18:32:59) sophi: thank you and bye!
(18:33:09) _Nesshof_: by
(18:33:11) mhu is weggegaan.

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