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== IRC Log of Community Council Meeting 2009-10-08 ==
== IRC Log of Community Council Meeting 2009-10-08 ==

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Community Council

The Community Council members are your representatives



Ideas related to the community? Tell us!

IRC Log of Community Council Meeting 2009-10-08


  • Sophie Gautier (sophi)
  • Matthias Huetsch (mhu)
  • Cor Nouws (CorNouws)
  • Louis Suarez-Potts (oulipo_to)
  • André Schnabel (Thalion72)
  • Stefan Taxhet (stx12)
  • John McCreesh (jpmcc)
  • Pavel Janik (paveljanik)


  • Martin Hollmichel (_Nesshof_)
(20:37:37) louis_to: the agenda....
(20:37:57) louis_to: but I think we have a quorum and also a sufficient body of people (all) to start
(20:38:02) louis_to: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/The_OpenOffice.org_Community_Council_Agenda
(20:39:05) louis_to: I will go through the items sequentially
(20:39:15) louis_to: if all are agreed that we should start now
(20:39:31) CorNouws: jip - pls
(20:39:59) Thalion72: +1
(20:40:00) louis_to: do we approve of prior meeting's AIs?
(20:40:00) mhu: yes, please
(20:40:15) louis_to: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Community_Council/Minutes#Minutes_of_Meetings
(20:40:23) louis_to: thanks to Cor for putting them there
(20:40:37) louis_to: I assume we approve?
(20:40:42) stx12: yes
(20:40:44) louis_to: then 2:1: Budget
(20:40:53) louis_to: 2.1.1: Louis on list of events
(20:41:32) CorNouws: has been done, isn't it?
(20:41:35) louis_to: Status: I posted message two weeks ago and initially received few replies; those I rec'd were from Florian E. Then more came in and more yet, on other lists, too, including the fosdem request interchange
(20:41:52) louis_to: It was begun (again)-- but the actual list has not been compilked and the funding not determined
(20:42:16) louis_to: that will happen, preliminarily, by end of this week, as I'm calling cloture on the messaging
(20:42:21) CorNouws: not every event will ask for funding, I assume
(20:42:23) louis_to: so, "in progress"
(20:42:39) CorNouws: ask for, or need
(20:42:44) louis_to: I assume as well, too. But I mainly want to learn of events that are out of my boundaries
(20:42:58) louis_to: so, "in progress"
(20:43:12) CorNouws: learn what they cost ?
(20:43:24) louis_to: It's never so simple as just that
(20:43:24) CorNouws: oh, sorry, yes in progress
(20:43:26) louis_to: I wish it were
(20:43:34) louis_to: if it were that simple...
(20:43:39) sophi: louis_to: I think you should ask on l10n and nlc, some of them are not on MarCon but are acting on marketing side
(20:43:53) louis_to: instead, what I will probably do is evaluate a rough ballpark of funds that can be generalized for all of a certain size and so on
(20:44:01) louis_to: sophi: I shall; thanks for the hint
(20:44:21) CorNouws: louis_to: looks good - thanks
(20:44:45) louis_to: I think one idea was to strengthen the marcon list. As this does tie into my desire for regional communities, fine; but I think we need, in the end, regional communities to do it properly
(20:44:54) louis_to: okay, on to 2.2.2.... Trademark
(20:45:15) stx12: as sent minutes ago; we come closer to guidelines about the name usage in software; then we got sidetracked and now it's logo usage in software is under discussion; in progress
(20:45:16) louis_to: Stefan, you sent in an update. Would you want to relay that to us here?
(20:45:54) louis_to: stx12: what are the stumblling blocks?
(20:46:39) jpmcc: http://council.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=discuss&msgNo=2232
(20:46:54) stx12: use of a floss license for the logo opposed to the protection of the logo
(20:47:37) louis_to: that being because some distributions demand pure and unblemished free licenses, I can add
(20:48:02) stx12: let's see how/whether we can get this resolved with debian
(20:48:23) CorNouws: but the protection of the logo was an important item in this all
(20:48:25) louis_to: yes. I should hope we can do it prior to OOoCon.
(20:48:38) louis_to: CorNouws: yes.
(20:48:41) stx12: CorNouws: right
(20:48:46) louis_to: CorNouws: so, you see the problem
(20:49:03) ***CorNouws was not so difficult this time ;-)
(20:49:41) louis_to: I'd like to move the deadline for this to OOoCon: 4 November
(20:50:01) louis_to: we have it listed as "early September"
(20:50:03) louis_to: heh
(20:50:08) CorNouws: is that a move forward or backward ;-)
(20:50:22) CorNouws: ah, backward ..
(20:50:45) louis_to: realistic.
(20:50:57) louis_to: So, on to 2.2.3
(20:51:39) louis_to: Louis and Matthias. I think at this point we can move to next phase and announce the imminence of the elections and ask for nominees
(20:52:08) louis_to: I can send out the notice today (busy with meetings, not realistic) or tomorrow (more realistic)
(20:52:13) louis_to: objections?
(20:52:35) CorNouws: no, pls do.
(20:52:37) sophi: none from me
(20:52:44) Thalion72: hmm . will this be a notice or the official start of the procedure?
(20:52:53) louis_to: the message would be as usual, and the 3 to be replaced would include, if I am not wrong, Sophie, André--and who else?
(20:53:05) louis_to: Thalion72: I suppose so
(20:53:23) Thalion72: funny that everybody forgets this: we now should be 10 instead of 9 ;)
(20:53:30) louis_to: that doesn't mean that there won't be prolongations, etc. I am aware that October is often a month of holiday for the Germans
(20:53:42) sophi: only Andre and me to be replaced and one more to be elected
(20:53:44) louis_to: yes, indeed.
(20:53:49) louis_to: thanks.
(20:54:01) stx12: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Community_Council/Items/Election_Process
(20:54:04) louis_to: so, I'll pass the language by the list I hope today
(20:54:07) louis_to: thanks, stx12
(20:54:13) ***stx12 still has the link in the clipboard from last meeting ;-)
(20:54:24) ***louis_to was working on draft written last OOoCon, in Beijing..
(20:54:31) louis_to: :-)
(20:55:19) louis_to: And, as above, elections I would like to have take place in two weeks, or so, preferably less.
(20:55:40) louis_to: but will be in accord with guidelines posted above.
(20:55:40) jpmcc: Can we get the new members on board for the OOoCon meeting?
(20:55:45) louis_to: I hope so
(20:55:50) louis_to: that's my goal, at any rate.
(20:55:54) jpmcc: +1
(20:56:02) louis_to: so we can then initiate them into the secrets of the CC
(20:56:06) louis_to: :-)
(20:56:20) jpmcc: Champagne and canapes?
(20:56:27) CorNouws: plus that we hold a second election right after the first
(20:56:29) louis_to: uh. yeah.
(20:56:34) louis_to: yes.
(20:56:38) louis_to: or near enough.
(20:56:45) louis_to: ideally before xmas holidays
(20:56:49) CorNouws: so that Pavel can be released as well
(20:57:01) louis_to: :-)
(20:57:07) CorNouws: tbc on mail, afaiac
(20:57:09) jpmcc: Looks like minimum 4 week process?
(20:57:11) louis_to: *then* we can have champagne! :-)
(20:57:24) Thalion72: hmm .. this can hardly be achieved, if you follow the process proposal .. but ok
(20:57:25) louis_to: yes.
(20:57:31) jpmcc: Champagne for 100,000,000 downloads - I'm buying ;)
(20:57:44) louis_to: Thalion72 :yes, I know, hence a little of my hesitation
(20:58:02) louis_to: but let's see what we can do. As this is quite en retard
(20:58:41) louis_to: So on to 2.4.1: Cor et al., OOo Internship
(20:58:51) Thalion72: ok .. having a quick look - 4 weeks (plus one day) is the shortes time possible ;)
(20:59:11) louis_to: Thanks; Thalion72: if you wish to help in any way--critical, etc.--feel free to
(20:59:51) Thalion72: louis_to: "wish" - yes .. "be able to" - no :(
(20:59:51) louis_to: So CorNouws sent in an update. Cor would you want to relay that to us here, for archive purposes?
(20:59:58) louis_to: Thalion72: ah
(21:00:15) CorNouws: relay means send a link?
(21:00:26) louis_to: in this case, it could.
(21:00:35) louis_to: it could also mean repeat or summarize for our benefit
(21:00:46) louis_to: whatever is easiest for you
(21:00:51) CorNouws: http://council.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=discuss&msgNo=2228
(21:00:57) louis_to: thanks
(21:01:17) louis_to: Cor, there is a big event here in Toronto the 3rd week of October on education
(21:01:36) CorNouws: hope to be able to do some more next week (but not realistic, many nl.OpenOffice.org items wait long already ..)
(21:01:40) louis_to: and Seneca college, that does the training and teaching for Mozilla, Eclipse, Fedora and othes, is central to it
(21:02:04) louis_to: I'd like to see if we, using the internship program, can work with them. I suspect not. But ....
(21:02:13) CorNouws: so would be fine to have something for the Toronto event?
(21:02:25) louis_to: not necessary.
(21:02:41) louis_to: more to the point is to introduce the canadians to our program and see if it works out for their goals
(21:02:41) CorNouws: see what I can do
(21:02:41) CorNouws: but I can only make a start, and need comments etc from others
(21:02:59) CorNouws: ok, I'll contact you if I need more info
(21:03:05) louis_to: thanks
(21:03:23) louis_to: but I do wish to promote this as well in OooCon. Is thta possible?
(21:03:31) CorNouws: ??
(21:03:52) louis_to: oipen to the attendees the idea of our internship program, if it exists in such a way then
(21:04:23) louis_to: and as the ODF people will be there, too, to touch on that, as well (odf development)
(21:05:35) jpmcc: louis_to: I am a native English speaker, and even I find your sentence structure hard to follow ... :(
(21:05:43) louis_to: So, Matthias and I need to drive the internship home to the project _leads
(21:06:11) louis_to: oh; sorry. I thought you were Scot, tho. Hence how can you call yourself a native English speaker? ;-)
(21:06:26) CorNouws: louis_to: there is a lot of info (incl steps, todo's) on the wiki
(21:06:26) CorNouws: shall we look at aht and contact by mail?
(21:06:27) mhu: louis_to: okay, just tell me where I can help
(21:06:55) louis_to: CorNouws, mhu: I think we need to inform project leads and ask for their involvement. No?
(21:07:11) louis_to: esp. in development areas, I'd imagine
(21:07:17) CorNouws: pls, see my previous proposal
(21:07:38) louis_to: yes; will do, that was as much to mhu....
(21:07:51) CorNouws: I can't discuss all right now, that has been done and suggested etc. takes too much time
(21:08:02) mhu: ... IIRC, I was supposed to walk along floors and beat people up, or so :-)
(21:08:11) louis_to: as to 2.4.4: I didn't send to contest@ list, but shall. There are several other updates since I can report on.
(21:08:29) louis_to: mhu: yes. "project leads" in development often means your Sunny colleagues :-)
(21:09:43) louis_to: so, to update 2.4.3: in progress. and 2.4.4: to be done this week, Friday, probably
(21:09:56) CorNouws: mhu: Jürgen suggested to use the to-do's on the wiki - usefull, IMO
(21:10:03) louis_to: however, I am unsure that contests@marketing is the best
(21:10:35) louis_to: CorNouws: how so? you mean to update the agenda items there?
(21:11:37) CorNouws: as possible items that trainees can choose from
(21:12:03) louis_to: ah. yes, we had a similar idea a while ago... indeed, it was for GSoC that we created the to-dos, 4 or so years ago
(21:12:10) louis_to: (if not a lot longer ago)
(21:12:39) CorNouws: some of the to-do's are kept up to date :-)
(21:12:49) ***louis_to wishes all were
(21:12:59) louis_to: but... on to other items
(21:13:01) ***CorNouws better some than none
(21:13:06) CorNouws: ys pls
(21:13:10) louis_to: yes.
(21:13:30) louis_to: 2.5.1
(21:13:38) CorNouws: there was some explanation from Flo recently
(21:13:40) louis_to: Infrastructure...
(21:13:45) louis_to: yes.
(21:13:50) CorNouws: all goes step by step, but it goes
(21:14:01) louis_to: "in progress," then
(21:14:14) CorNouws: ok
(21:14:28) louis_to: 2.6: Certification
(21:14:35) CorNouws: se my mail here http://council.openoffice.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=discuss&msgNo=2229
(21:14:43) louis_to: 2.6.1: done
(21:14:49) louis_to: all of 2.6, done
(21:15:29) louis_to: I'd like to refine the cc's language, to make it clear that the OOo project representing the org is not what the CC mandated but is separate, however
(21:16:12) CorNouws: ??
(21:16:16) louis_to: as well, I'd like to make 2.6.2 a new agenda item, "parnership"
(21:16:20) stx12: hm, is there a OOo project representing an org?
(21:16:34) louis_to: stx12: you mean an other?
(21:16:42) louis_to: yes: brpt, I suppose
(21:16:55) louis_to: it points to broffice,and vice vesa
(21:17:11) louis_to: as well, one could argue that the OOoCon pages do a similar thing, though that is stretching it more
(21:17:20) stx12: i just don't understand what you said; if the same people drive the project and the endorsed org do expect them to be different?
(21:17:29) louis_to: stx12: no
(21:17:42) louis_to: Alexandro argued that the project would help the orgs visibility
(21:18:07) CorNouws: ah, this subject - sorry I missed it for a moment
(21:18:17) CorNouws: we have to be careful of course
(21:18:19) louis_to: the point being that one could go to certificatin.openoffice.org and find there information or deep links to the independent org
(21:18:53) CorNouws: when a project lead, also leads another entity in the same area, to make sure all roles and responsibilities stay clear
(21:19:00) louis_to: yes. I ensured that JZA was fully aware of the distinction between this and the CC's actions and the org
(21:19:56) stx12: i guess we will see the charter of the project on the OOo site and the one of the org on the org's site...
(21:19:58) louis_to: CorNouws; Yes. I have no doubt JZA can do that. he is also, in addition to being ES lead (and bizdeve co; and education co), an independent businessperson whose business is support/services for OOo in Latin countries, such as Mexico
(21:21:10) ***stx12 feels like mixing sites here - but others will do that for me ...
(21:22:01) louis_to: Indeed, there are numerous projects on OOo that deeply share identity with organizations distinct from OOo, I would imagine
(21:22:23) stx12: louis_to: which would be against ourt guidelines
(21:23:25) stx12: giving credit to sponsors is fine - deeply share not... at least that's my understanding; but times are changing...
(21:23:34) louis_to: are they sponsors?
(21:24:02) louis_to: if a project links to BrOffice, and BrOffice subsidizes the work of the Brpt team, it is a sponsor
(21:24:06) stx12: who for whom?
(21:24:10) sophi: I guess this is not the place to discuss that and it has already been stated that the certification will take place out of OOo, so there is nothing more to discuss imho
(21:24:23) louis_to: but one would hardly want to break that link...
(21:24:32) louis_to: sophi: correct
(21:25:00) louis_to: but it is time to (once again) have that (old) conversation, and I do hope that André, as before, will be ready for it ;-)
(21:25:18) louis_to: so, let's move onto 7.1:
(21:25:38) louis_to: not done. I'll try to do it before next week.
(21:25:38) ***Thalion72 is extremely tired at the moment (sorry to say so)
(21:25:42) louis_to: it's rather short....
(21:26:01) louis_to: So, "in progress"
(21:26:22) louis_to: same with 2.8.1: "in progress"
(21:26:30) louis_to: also very short
(21:26:46) louis_to: and simply a restatement of status quo, but clarified
(21:27:07) louis_to: I'd like then to move on to #3
(21:27:17) louis_to: 3.1: agenda for OOoCon 2009
(21:27:49) CorNouws: Good to meet not via IRC, John ?!
(21:27:58) jpmcc: I hate IRC
(21:28:04) mhu: :-)
(21:28:24) mhu: yes, in person meetings are better of course
(21:28:41) CorNouws: I understood Stefan had an idea for that as well ..
(21:28:48) louis_to: I propose we work on the agenda via list and also advertise it on project leads....
(21:29:06) louis_to: mhu: it depends on the language....
(21:29:27) mhu: ah, that will be pidgin english anyway :-)
(21:29:42) stx12: CorNouws: you are talking about the beer and dinner or my fun to take the role of the coordinator?
(21:30:14) CorNouws: stx12: hmm, what would you suggest?
(21:30:50) stx12: i agreed to jump in for you and cna start with ooocon
(21:31:20) ***mhu wishes we'd move on, so that he can paste my budget summary before needing to leave ...
(21:31:32) CorNouws: well, that is reason for a good beer than :-)
(21:31:52) louis_to: then let's compile an agenda on the mail list and also advertise the meeting date and agenda options to project leads...
(21:32:15) CorNouws: yes, and more than just an ordinary agenda, because we meet visavis
(21:32:24) louis_to: yes.
(21:32:26) stx12: so that would be one agenda topic for the official part; i hope that you all reserve some time in the evening
(21:32:31) louis_to: hence the advertising
(21:32:36) jpmcc: louis_to: it would also be good to kill off any actions that have come up on our agenda for more than 6 months
(21:32:45) louis_to: yes.
(21:32:58) CorNouws: will be an empty agenda ;-)
(21:33:02) louis_to: but the term, "kill off' can be replaced by, "do"
(21:33:39) louis_to: shall we move on to #4?
(21:33:42) CorNouws: pls
(21:33:46) louis_to: OOoCon 2009 update
(21:34:38) CorNouws: was an old agenda item, from months agoo - maybe not so much needed now ?
(21:35:01) ***CorNouws trying to help Matthias ;-)
(21:35:04) louis_to: I don't think so....
(21:35:15) jpmcc: I'm waiting for a speaker to cancel so I can schedule a CC Q&A session
(21:35:16) louis_to: john, can you briefly summarise the status of our preparations?
(21:35:20) mhu: any impressions of how the conf team is doing in terms of preparation ?
(21:35:46) jpmcc: mhu: they seem to be getting there.
(21:36:12) mhu: okay, I dont see so much on the conf mailing lists
(21:36:39) jpmcc: We have a programme; (paid) registration is happening (a new feature this year); we are getting limited bursaries arranged for impoverished speakers etc
(21:37:14) mhu: btw. I transferred the 3K for bursaries today
(21:37:25) jpmcc: We're planning to invite applications for bursaries via project_leads tonight.
(21:37:33) stx12: can we uplevle the bursaries of needed by dev and general admin budgets?
(21:37:53) jpmcc: mhu: Tx. This is the first time the MP has provided funding for bursaries. OOoCons are supposed to be self financing so
(21:37:54) stx12: can we uplevel the bursaries if needed by developer and general admin budgets?
(21:38:03) jpmcc: I should be asking the CC for permission...
(21:38:30) mhu: well, I guess stefan and I are both fine with how you did
(21:38:32) jpmcc: stx12: yes, any contributions welcome. We have 10 from the OOoCon team (max) and 10 from the MP sof far
(21:39:09) louis_to: indeed, thanks
(21:39:14) stx12: who will collect the requests`?
(21:39:27) jpmcc: I'll see what response we get - if we are overwhelmed by 'good' applicants I will come round with my begging bowl.
(21:39:38) ***mhu thinks about posting the budget summary right now ... shall I ?
(21:39:55) stx12: jpmcc: and run in open arm with louis_to and _Nesshof_
(21:40:01) louis_to: I am fine with that; and to move thus on to #5: budent 2009
(21:40:06) jpmcc: stx12: they'll go to ooocon2009@openoffice.org and the OOoCon team and the MP approvers will review
(21:40:07) louis_to: budget, that is
(21:40:20) mhu: okay, here we go ...
(21:40:39) mhu: Name Budget Committed Incurred
(21:40:39) mhu: General/Common Administration 5,000.00 EUR 1,850.00 0.00 EUR
(21:40:39) mhu: Marketing/General Marketing 15,000.00 EUR 3,838.00 3,607.42
(21:40:39) mhu: Marketing/Other Conferences 10,000.00 EUR 8,700.00 4,472.95
(21:40:39) mhu: Infrastructure 10,000.00 EUR 500.00 EUR 0.00 EUR
(21:40:39) mhu: Developer 20,000.00 EUR 0.00 EUR 0.00 EUR
(21:40:42) mhu: Total 60,000.00 EUR 14,888.00 EUR 8,080.37 EUR
(21:41:03) mhu: hmmm, tabs dont display so well , I guess
(21:41:46) mhu: so, we have lots of Infrastructure and Developer budget, that could be redirected into "conferences" if need be.
(21:41:48) CorNouws: mhu: what a surprise :-D
(21:42:11) mhu: well, at we *did* spend money this year :-)
(21:42:22) CorNouws: yes, or (what are expectations for 2010?) kept for the next year
(21:42:23) louis_to: :-)
(21:42:24) jpmcc: We aren't very good at spending money. We need more women on the CC (waits for sophi to explode)
(21:42:39) mhu: :-)
(21:42:39) sophi: mhu: before I would like to see what are the Nagios sayings about Pootle and see if some of the money is needed for l10n
(21:42:41) stx12: mhu: i'm fine with that for infrastructure (if there is a bit left for the renewal of the extension site)
(21:43:28) mhu: sophi, stx12: yes, please go ahead and propose expenses ...
(21:43:45) CorNouws: sophi: I help only very little with l10n, but if I did, I would for sure have exploded ..
(21:43:56) mhu: ...so far I have not heard of any of these proposals
(21:44:05) CorNouws: (seeing the many server probs and so)
(21:44:34) sophi: mhu: I'm not the able to say what is happening here, only the one who loose his time and patience on using this tool, sorry
(21:45:16) louis_to: mhu: thanks for the numbers!!
(21:45:19) sophi: mhu: but I agree this is not the place to discuss this, I'll see with Stefan what was the results of the Nagios monitoring
(21:45:36) mhu: sophi: I have no insight into pootle, either; I am just spending your money if you so decide.
(21:45:47) stx12: sophi: yes, may be frank/ivo have some more insight
(21:46:08) Thalion72: sophi: problems on pootle server should be resolved now (ihi found some strange processes running)
(21:46:31) Thalion72: pootle server seemst to quite fast and stable for the last week
(21:46:44) sophi: Thalion72: it's still slow however, but it's reachable at least :)
(21:47:08) stx12: Thalion72: hm, are german and french on the sam efast/slow server?
(21:47:08) Thalion72: yes .. and ivo would prefere a solution with better access as well ;)
(21:47:15) Thalion72: stx12: yes
(21:49:44) Thalion72: ping?
(21:50:00) stx12: Thalion72: pong
(21:50:02) Thalion72: did i miss theend of the meeting ?
(21:50:27) sophi: Thalion72: you're sleeping too fast ;)
(21:50:35) paveljanik: ;-)
(21:50:46) jpmcc: Thakkion72: it's in 8 minutes
(21:50:53) louis_to: thanks
(21:51:20) louis_to: #7: I think we can move on to
(21:51:21) louis_to: Council coordinator
(21:51:21) louis_to: 1. On 2009-05-28 we dicided to vote for a council coordinator in 4 months, for the time from February 2010 - May 2010.
(21:51:21) louis_to: 2. And for Stefan to be in from October 2009 - January 2010 (provided his boss agrees)
(21:51:55) louis_to: are we to act on this?
(21:52:04) louis_to: I had the impression we had done that already
(21:52:23) stx12: no, you don't hav etoo ;-) i haven't talked to my boss about this specifc task; but i'll give it a try...
(21:52:29) CorNouws: Stefans task is clear
(21:52:59) CorNouws: but we wnat to know who does it the time after that
(21:53:12) ***stx12 needs some explanations from CorNouws's experience...
(21:53:13) louis_to: Perhaps put this on the agenda for next meeting?
(21:53:15) CorNouws: otherwise, Stefan might risk getting stuck in that position
(21:53:17) CorNouws: ahhh :-)
(21:53:31) jpmcc: I might be bored by then ;)
(21:53:32) louis_to: I don't think ST would allow himself to be put in such a position
(21:53:42) CorNouws: Well volunteering for this role is not difficult
(21:53:54) stx12: that will be one of my first actions; call for nominees for a succesor ;-)
(21:54:00) CorNouws: louis_to: then we have to choose someone in Orviato, at last
(21:54:23) CorNouws: OK, will all be good then :-)
(21:54:55) louis_to: CorNouws: I am thinking that we will (may) also have new people there from which to choose
(21:54:58) jpmcc: Can we also cover 6.1 in Orvieto?
(21:55:15) ***CorNouws I'd rather think John needs a new challenge, when the OOoCon is done ;-)
(21:55:17) Thalion72: louis_to: don't tell them before they are elected
(21:55:20) mhu: yes, of course
(21:55:23) louis_to: jpmcc: I should think so
(21:55:34) louis_to: Thalion72: that was the idea ;-)
(21:55:46) louis_to: ... part of the initiation ritual
(21:56:02) louis_to: shall we conclude the meeting then?
(21:56:10) louis_to: I believe all AIs have been accounted for
(21:56:16) louis_to: and we have the new ones:
(21:56:21) CorNouws: about 6.1 one remark pls
(21:56:30) louis_to: basically, to promote the Orvieto agenda to the community as a special agenda
(21:56:33) mhu: yes ?
(21:56:40) CorNouws: I'd rather prepares this as much a spossible by mail
(21:56:52) CorNouws: so that we can spend the time in Orvieto in another way
(21:56:58) mhu: yes, budget prep by email is good
(21:57:14) louis_to: CorNouws: I'd also like to use the experience of using email as a way to inform the community of the options it has
(21:57:52) CorNouws: louis_to: sounds like an invention ?
(21:58:16) jpmcc: Must go folks!
(21:58:27) ***CorNouws my clock strikes ten - have to do dish washing :-)
(21:58:33) ***mhu wishes to finish too ...
(21:58:38) jpmcc is weggegaan (quit: "Byeeee").
(21:58:39) louis_to: yoru clock is fast...
(21:58:53) louis_to: but I move to adjourn the meeting, esp. now that people are leaving
(21:58:55) stx12: bye all
(21:58:58) CorNouws: Grand mams ;-)
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