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== IRC Log of Community Council Meeting 2009-06-11 ==
== IRC Log of Community Council Meeting 2009-06-11 ==

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Community Council

The Community Council members are your representatives



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IRC Log of Community Council Meeting 2009-06-11


  • Martin Hollmichel (_Nesshof_)
  • Cor Nouws (CorNouws)
  • André Schnabel (Thalion72)
  • Pavel Janik (paveljanik)
  • Stefan Taxhet (stx12)
  • Jacqueline Rahemipour (jrahemipour) - representing Sophie Gautier


  • Matthias Huetsch (mhu)
  • Louis Suárez-Potts (louis_to)
  • Sophie Gautier
  • John McCreesh

(20:37:06) Thalion72: so I'd say, we can start .. who takes the lead?
(20:38:16) CorNouws: If no one really wants, I don't object to do so
(20:38:24) Thalion72: ok :)
(20:39:38) CorNouws: ok then, welcome all.
(20:39:51) CorNouws: agenda is here, as you know
(20:39:51) CorNouws: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Community_Council/Agenda#Next_regular_meeting:_Jun_11_2009
(20:40:11) CorNouws: Any objections or requests by that agenda?
(20:40:28) CorNouws: (Mind, I just added #4 - schedule for next meetings)
(20:40:33) Thalion72: no
(20:41:31) CorNouws: no one ...
(20:41:31) CorNouws: then #1: Minutes of previous meeting for approval,
(20:41:31) CorNouws: which I propose to skip, since we have no minutes
(20:42:17) CorNouws: But this page
(20:42:17) CorNouws: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Community_Council/Minutes
(20:42:17) CorNouws: mentions "Decisions made" ...
(20:42:26) Thalion72: we cann at least approve the DEcisions and AI's (that they have been recorded correctly)
(20:42:27) CorNouws: eveyone OK with that?
(20:42:41) CorNouws: Thalion72: yes
(20:42:58) CorNouws: Anyone remark with what is written at "Decisions made" ?
(20:43:00) Thalion72: so to approve this .. +1
(20:43:29) jrahemipour: +1
(20:43:34) stx12: fine with me
(20:43:40) paveljanik: ok too
(20:44:53) CorNouws: _Nesshof_2: ?
(20:45:47) _Nesshof_2: +1
(20:46:10) CorNouws: + 1 from me as well .. so thanks.
(20:46:10) CorNouws: And the AI's are on the agenda, so we can continue there
(20:46:41) CorNouws: #2.1.1, Budget & Louis
(20:46:58) CorNouws: No news, I guess ..
(20:47:14) Thalion72: is anybody reading the Marcon list?
(20:47:30) CorNouws: I do
(20:47:52) jrahemipour: Me too
(20:47:58) _Nesshof_2: yup
(20:48:43) CorNouws: I have a pile of mails unread to be honest, so Jacqueline or Martin, seen anything about the subject?
(20:50:11) CorNouws: No.
(20:50:11) CorNouws: So 2.2.1, Trademark discussion
(20:50:22) jrahemipour: Do you mean the funding request?
(20:51:03) CorNouws: Yes, this AI is to give us an idea of coming events, for which we need to reserve money
(20:51:15) CorNouws: But not about any specific request
(20:51:53) jrahemipour: See only a request from Alexandro
(20:52:26) CorNouws: OK, thanks for checking. Then the AI for Louis reamins where it is.
(20:52:36) jrahemipour: $300 dls fund for Luis E Vasquez on his trip to Nicaragua to attend the ECSL (Encuentro Centroamericano de Software Libre)
(20:53:03) CorNouws: Yes, that has been accepted by the marketing project budget holders
(20:53:24) jrahemipour: This was the only thing in the last days
(20:53:43) Thalion72: ok, so no "event planning" request?
(20:54:11) jrahemipour: No, can't find anything
(20:54:24) CorNouws: Louis didn 't ask for planning, info. That is the status.
(20:54:32) CorNouws: OK then.
(20:54:32) CorNouws: # 2.2.1, Trademark discussion
(20:54:47) CorNouws: There have been some contributions on the trademark list
(20:54:47) CorNouws: (Stefan, John, me, ...)
(20:54:54) CorNouws: What do you think, André ?
(20:55:19) Thalion72: It's still going on. John did some great improvements on the wording
(20:55:42) Thalion72: while the draft seems to be ok in general , we have some requests to make it more precise
(20:55:53) stx12: the most recent draft from bernhard looks much better than earlier versions to me. so we should work on th ecomments and i assume it has not seen legal review as earlier versions. so i would like hear alex' opinion. furthermore we (louis and I) will gather feedback from our legal people. i will ping alex too.
(20:56:00) Thalion72: I think, this can be done by next week .. and then really go to public discussion
(20:56:24) CorNouws: Thanks Stefan and André ...
(20:56:31) CorNouws: two different directions here
(20:56:51) Thalion72: stx12: do we need legalreviewbefor public discussion?
(20:56:52) CorNouws: I thinkit is OK to ask for legal imput first, as Stefan suggests, before going discuss@
(20:56:59) Thalion72: we would publish this as draft anyway
(20:57:32) CorNouws: Thalion72: But it makes the discussion better, easier, if you know the legal status
(20:57:45) CorNouws: prevents must IANAL-statements and so ;-)
(20:57:57) stx12: Thalion72: yes, i think we have to comply with trademark law and secure our mark; but in general we are on the same track - just a week seems to be the difference
(20:58:08) CorNouws: stx12: How fast are those legal officers?
(20:58:18) Thalion72: one week for a legal review?
(20:58:33) Thalion72: (I can hardly believe)
(20:58:37) CorNouws: it is only one and a half A4 :-)
(20:58:57) Thalion72: CorNouws: *before* legal review ;)
(20:59:04) stx12: Thalion72: you have some years of background which we have to explain first.
(20:59:34) stx12: so i would appriciate if we can use next week for that
(21:00:11) CorNouws: I think that is OK
(21:00:50) CorNouws: can youstart with asking for us, Stefan, what they expert for the time they need?
(21:01:02) stx12: yes
(21:01:26) CorNouws: then one week for us and
(21:01:26) CorNouws: then try to start discussion on discuss@ in 2 weeks ..
(21:01:37) CorNouws: does that sound as a good target?
(21:02:05) stx12: sounds good to me - i assume we have a cc meeting on two weeks?
(21:02:14) Thalion72: I think, it's the best we can achieve at the moment ;)
(21:02:48) CorNouws: OK, if no one has strong different feelings, that is for our AI list
(21:02:56) CorNouws: and can we continue ...
(21:03:29) Thalion72: yes, please
(21:04:19) CorNouws: OK, but one thing, Stefan: AFAIAC it is an AI for youm if you don't mind.
(21:04:36) CorNouws: youm = you,
(21:05:17) stx12: i hope that bernhard will pick up the feedback that was sent so far and i'm happy to ping the legals...
(21:05:37) stx12: and give you an ETA first
(21:05:46) CorNouws: Great.
(21:05:46) CorNouws: Then #2.3.1 Elections - proposal for elections announcement
(21:06:31) Thalion72: still no progress on this (you may blame me)
(21:06:53) CorNouws: Your seat :-)
(21:07:31) CorNouws: Anything we can do, apart from being patient?
(21:07:46) Thalion72: poke me to write the announcement
(21:08:05) CorNouws: OK, AI for me - sorry I trusted you too much ;-)
(21:08:22) CorNouws: Next # 2.4.1
(21:08:31) CorNouws: OpenOffice.org Internship - great subject
(21:09:45) stx12: yes, the work start to go beyond a bullet list around the topic and the idea to award 7 slots with 4K EUR
(21:10:29) Thalion72: 4k EUR each?
(21:10:33) stx12: the next step is to have a rough (or final) framework of the rules
(21:10:39) stx12: yes
(21:12:07) CorNouws: And we want to announce next week ...
(21:12:19) Thalion72: as for today the AI was to come up with an budget .. I'm fine with that
(21:12:21) CorNouws: so that interested students can prepare or find information
(21:12:34) Thalion72: uhmm .. we want to announce *what* exactly next week?
(21:13:01) CorNouws: that the internship will take place and start within xx weeks (xx = 3 tot 5?)
(21:13:32) stx12: the point is that holiday season for students start. so the earlier they can check if they are interested in general, in specific task, ...
(21:14:00) CorNouws: therefor announce soon .. else we miss them all :-\
(21:14:27) Thalion72: so we will annonce without having the full rules in place, correct?
(21:15:08) CorNouws: That is not the intention..
(21:15:13) stx12: that's not the plan
(21:15:33) Thalion72: ok, so I got the plan wrong
(21:15:45) CorNouws: Well. you did read it correct ;-)
(21:15:57) CorNouws: it is just that we have a tight schedule for next week
(21:16:07) CorNouws: OTOH, the rules are not that complicated
(21:16:09) Thalion72: ok
(21:16:25) CorNouws: Anyother suggestions / remarks on this subject?
(21:16:25) CorNouws: If not: next meeting .. next update
(21:17:08) CorNouws: # 2.5.1 L10n infrastructure ...
(21:17:14) CorNouws: No news, AFAIK
(21:17:24) CorNouws: and I can immagine, that other items are more urgent
(21:17:34) CorNouws: internship, for example
(21:17:42) CorNouws: Stefan, what do you think?
(21:17:42) Thalion72: no .. I canbriefly discuss the issue with Florian and Joost at the weekend.
(21:17:53) Thalion72: (face2face)
(21:18:16) CorNouws: Ah Linux Hotel - such a lovely place, such a lovely face ;-)
(21:18:26) jrahemipour: Yes :-)
(21:18:53) CorNouws: Sorry I can't join - but already wrote that.
(21:19:10) Thalion72: We'll miss you
(21:19:25) CorNouws: :-D
(21:19:35) stx12: Thalion72: you understood the general idea i suggested about the initial distribution and increase of builds for QA?
(21:19:40) Thalion72: anyway .. the AI is still open - schedule an updatefornext meeting
(21:20:24) Thalion72: stx12: I think so .. but will review the mails
(21:20:32) stx12: ok
(21:20:41) CorNouws: ok, thanks - AI stays in it's place...
(21:21:33) CorNouws: #2.6.1 - I've pinged Louis, so I wait for his reply
(21:22:02) CorNouws: Now another interesting subject
(21:22:02) CorNouws: # 2.7 ... OpenOffice.org Certification
(21:22:20) Thalion72: afair this has been done
(21:22:34) Thalion72: I mean 2.6.1 has been done (Louis pinged project leads)
(21:22:57) Thalion72: unfortunately discussion drifted away from the topic after two mails
(21:23:27) CorNouws: Someone leading that discussion on the right track again?
(21:23:35) Thalion72: no, not atm
(21:24:06) Thalion72: but we should do (I can try, but would appreciate if someone else helps)
(21:24:29) ***CorNouws maybe I should ask to join that list after all ...
(21:25:12) Thalion72: or we just should turn the list into a public list ;)
(21:25:12) CorNouws: Thalion72: pls try - just skip off topic subjects and go back to the initial request :-)
(21:25:22) Thalion72: ok, willtry
(21:25:35) CorNouws: fine
(21:25:46) CorNouws: # 2.7.1 and 2.7.2 are done
(21:26:21) CorNouws: now the update. I did send part of my discussions with Alexandro en Evan
(21:26:27) CorNouws: All had time to read?
(21:26:40) ***Thalion72 read it
(21:27:08) paveljanik: I did not.
(21:27:17) CorNouws: Stefan did, I noticed
(21:27:20) Thalion72: and I second coments from stx12
(21:27:41) CorNouws: Thalion72: and my suggestions / answer following his questions?
(21:27:50) ***stx12 had more questions than answers though
(21:28:12) Thalion72: CorNouws: those as well
(21:28:26) CorNouws: paveljanik: you want time (now, next days) to read?
(21:29:51) CorNouws: _Nesshof_2: jrahemipour: think it is heading in the roght direction?
(21:30:08) CorNouws: roght = right
(21:33:26) Thalion72: ?
(21:34:14) _Nesshof_2: CorNouws: yes
(21:34:20) jrahemipour: CorNouws: I just scanned it through, so it would be better to comment it via email
(21:35:24) CorNouws: jrahemipour: I understand.
(21:35:58) CorNouws: stx12: What about my reply to your mail, does that make sense?
(21:35:58) CorNouws: If so, we can use that to start discussing on the mail shorlty
(21:37:29) stx12: CorNouws: i'm not sure about the seat at the board and there are some other open questions; but let's continue vie email...
(21:38:39) CorNouws: OK for me.
(21:38:39) CorNouws: But remember they have a tight schedule, so it would be fair to try in soon...
(21:38:39) CorNouws: No objections for others to do that ?
(21:39:57) Thalion72: no .. and remember for the moment they only want to have endorsement
(21:40:16) ***stx12 doesn't think this is an "only"
(21:40:43) CorNouws: yip, that is why we do take time for a good solution.
(21:40:58) Thalion72: hmm .. yes, not "only"
(21:41:04) CorNouws: thanks for so far - watch your mail :-)
(21:41:17) Thalion72: but no budget from theproject,no legal review ...
(21:41:34) CorNouws: ok, in that sense.
(21:41:48) CorNouws: # 2.8.1 Procedures for retirement of a project in Incubator and NLC
(21:42:00) CorNouws: stx12: and Thalion72: ??
(21:42:50) stx12: it seems we are in general agreement about the bullet points. it needs some sophisticated full sentences...
(21:43:06) stx12: ... to be added to the policies
(21:43:06) ***Thalion72 seconds this
(21:43:43) ***stx12 reads "and Thalion72 to reivew and edit as needed" ;-)
(21:43:54) CorNouws: fine. Do we know where the policies can be found?
(21:44:30) stx12: http://www.openoffice.org/about_us/protocols_proposing.html
(21:44:31) Thalion72: stx12: I read "louis_to to come up with initial draft" ;)
(21:45:01) CorNouws: That was last meeting. Isn't it, André ?
(21:45:08) CorNouws: What can we have for AI now?
(21:45:37) stx12: to flesh out the bullet points to a revied policy
(21:45:43) stx12: to flesh out the bullet points to a revised policy
(21:46:41) CorNouws: by ?
(21:47:07) stx12: ... a native speaker ...
(21:47:16) ***stx12 likes this excuse
(21:47:28) CorNouws: OK. Shall I ask John?
(21:47:47) CorNouws: stx12: :-)
(21:47:59) stx12: louis was involved in the discussion and AI - give him a try
(21:48:23) CorNouws: OK, you are right. My AI to ask Louis to take this AI
(21:48:33) CorNouws: Then #3 Proposal for handling incubator and NLC projects
(21:48:51) CorNouws: Isn't this just a +1, cause we discussed last meeting?
(21:48:59) CorNouws: Or am I confused?
(21:49:30) stx12: i agree - there was a misunderstanding at my end in the beginning
(21:50:09) stx12: but we discussed whether it's pleads for incubator or the category leads in general
(21:50:56) Thalion72: hmm .. but we have this in the current protocols, haven't we?
(21:52:34) CorNouws: no idea ... anyone else?
(21:54:09) stx12: the phrasing is a bit vague. it leave the acceptance to the feedback on the list and leaves the leads the execution only.
(21:54:52) CorNouws: Sounds ok for an open source project ;-)
(21:55:39) Thalion72: yes, I'm fine with the current wording
(21:55:40) stx12: may be it should be added that the category have the final word. is this what louis was asking for?
(21:56:02) stx12: may be it should be added that the category leads have the final word.
(21:56:09) Thalion72: I don't know .. we should ask Louis, what he was asking for :)
(21:56:14) ***stx12 lost the words in the rain
(21:56:59) Thalion72: stx12: The council has the final word if necessary - no one else
(21:58:00) Thalion72: if anyone disagrees with the category lead, the council may be asked
(21:58:11) stx12: Thalion72: yes, but someone has to follow the feedback on the list and say "ok, let's go ahead".
(21:58:33) Thalion72: this is the cathegory lead
(21:58:57) Thalion72: ah no .. wait
(21:59:22) Thalion72: this is the one who asks to create the project
(22:00:11) Thalion72: really, this is actually written in the protocols - and we should have a clear request, what should be changed
(22:00:43) stx12: let's table the item until is with us
(22:00:54) CorNouws: OK good idea
(22:01:05) Thalion72: hmm .. no
(22:01:19) CorNouws: Thalion72: what do you propose?
(22:01:21) jrahemipour_ [n=chatzill@dslnet.85-22-26.ip170.dokom.de] is de ruimte binnengekomen.
(22:01:22) Thalion72: AI to Louis: sen in clear request what shouold be changed
(22:01:39) Thalion72: as long as this is not done - do not put this to the agenda again
(22:01:58) CorNouws: clear proposal, thanks
(22:02:06) jrahemipour is weggegaan (quit: "ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.10/2009042316]").
(22:02:13) Thalion72: I'm really getting tired of trying to figure out, what we are suppoest to agre on on
(22:02:16) jrahemipour_ heet nu jrahemipour
(22:02:33) CorNouws: any amamdments on André wording?
(22:02:44) CorNouws: if not, OK?
(22:03:01) stx12: yes
(22:03:02) Thalion72: please fix the typos and double words ;)
(22:03:15) CorNouws: OK.
(22:03:53) CorNouws: No objections ...
(22:03:53) CorNouws: then #4 our schedule.
(22:04:58) Thalion72: CorNouws: we should discuss this on list
(22:05:31) stx12: including those we miss today...
(22:05:36) CorNouws: hmm, indeed
(22:05:45) CorNouws: I can drive that discussion.
(22:05:52) CorNouws: So finished for today?
(22:06:03) Thalion72: yes
(22:06:15) _Nesshof_2: by
(22:06:32) stx12: have a nice evening, weekend, ...
(22:06:51) Thalion72: bye
(22:06:56) _Nesshof_2 is weggegaan (quit: "Leaving.").
(22:06:56) stx12: and have fun in essen
(22:07:08) jrahemipour: same to you, thanks!
(22:07:08) Thalion72: we will :)

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