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Community Council

The Community Council members are your representatives



Ideas related to the community? Tell us!

Introduction to the CC Year plan – first draft

This start for the plan has been briefly discussed in the community council.

How to work on this plan

Working on it means: - Maybe adding removing items - Fill in details of items, so that the plan is Specific, Measureable, Acceptable, Realistic and has a Time-line.

Year plan

Areas of activity

Items in the plan can be situated in the areas where the CC is active, as mentioned in the charter:

  1. Strategic planning and resource allocation.
  2. Relations with sponsors and the public.
  3. Arbitration within the greater Community
    1. Separate categories
    2. Growing the community
  4. The Comunity Counsil itself.

A. Strategic planning and resource allocation

  • suitable fund management mechanism
    • recently we made good steps already on this path, so maybe time is right to finish this
  • coordinate on long-term development planning issues with producers of other derivative commercial products.
    • This may help to increase the cooperation with existing partners as Novell and IBM
  • update Strategic Marketing Plan 2005-2010 which is volume 1 - "Marketing the Product" and prepare volume 2 - "Marketing the Community."

B. Relations with sponsors and the public

  • feedback, etc. to Sun on legal, business
  • the known issues on trademark and related

C. Arbitration within the greater Community

  • Create new Projects
  • support regional communities regional use and development and education
  • dismiss inactive Projects

D. Growing the community

  • bring more visibility on the individual contributors
  • vision on what "the community" is and in what direction we like it to develop
  • collaborating with people who do great work for developing OOo but who do not use our infrastructure

E. The CC itself

  • better handling of tasks agreed upon;
  • better involvement in discussions;
  • Regular CC meeting


  • meetings shall be held once a month regularly
  • members are obliged to attend regular CC meetings
  • members prioritize regular CC meetings over anything else
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