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Candidates for Community Council Election October-November 2009

The following Community members have accepted nominations from other members. They are all well known by the Community, and for that reason, we have decided, with their agreement, to shorten the introductory period. Voting for these candidates will commence as early as Thursday 29 October, though a delay until Friday 30 Oct. is not implausible.

Note: The candidates are to represent specific constituencies, which are represented on the Council: Product Development, Code Contributor, Native Language Confederation (Native-Lang). Although the candidates will be elected to fill a particular seat, any Community member can vote for any candidate, regardless of the voter's role in the Community. In other words, you need not be a developer or code contributor to vote for a Code Contributor candidate, and so on.

We do ask, however, that when you actually cast your vote, you are doing so informed and with the understanding that the Council represents you.

Native Language Confederation (NLC) Representative

Product Development Representative

Code Contributor Representative

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