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= Community Council Finances 2010 =
= Community Council Finances 2010 =

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Community Council

The Community Council members are your representatives



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Community Council Finances 2010


Common Administration

  • Budget:€5,000.00
  • Budget Holder: Community Manager

Currently: Louis Suarez-Potts

  • Authorisers: Martin Hollmichel, Sophie Gautier
  • Discussions on: discuss@council and/or project_leads


  • Budget Holder: Marketing Project Lead - Florian Effenberger
  • Authorisers: three co-Lead and/or MarCons proposed by MP Lead and accepted by CC 21 Jan 2010
    • John McCreesh - Project Co-Lead and MarCon, UK
    • Cor Nouws - MarCon, the Netherlands
    • Italo Vignoli - MarCon, Italy

General Marketing

  • Budget: €10,000.00
  • Discussions on: dev@ or marcon@

other Conferences

  • Budget: €40,000.00
  • Discussions on: dev@ or marcon@


  • Budget: €10,000.00 (for bursaries - other costs to be covered by dedicated sponsoring)
  • Discussions on: dev@ or marcon@ until OOoCon organising committee in place


  • Budget: €10,000.00
  • Budget Holder: Member of the CC, to be appointed by the CC

Currently: Stefan Taxhet

  • Authorisers: two members from the project leads group or from CC or from ESC proposed by budget holder and accepted by CC

Currently: Florian Effenberger and Christian Lohmaier

  • Discussions on: budget@council and / or project_leads


  • Budget: €20,000.00
  • Budget Holder: To be appointed by ESC
    • 2008: Budget Holder: Martin Hollmichel, Authorizers: Thorsten Behrens, Pavel Janik
  • Authorisers: two Project Leads or CC members proposed by Budget Holder and accepted by CC
  • Discussions on: project_leads
  • Dashboard


  • Budget: €5,000.00
  • Budget Holder: CC until allocated


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