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Documentation caution.png Please do not change this page unless you are on the Community Council election team. Please send feedback or questions to the commissary and the observers named below. Thanks!

Community Council

The Community Council members are your representatives



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This page collects information on the Community Council election process for the seats listed below. For more information on why this has to be done, please visit the Community Council web site.

Representatives to be Elected

The following representatives are going to be elected:

Election Process

Product Development Representative


  • Number of seats: One
  • Reason for the election: Successor for John McCreesh who already left the council
  • Constituency: Category leads, project leads and co-leads of all projects (accepted and incubator) but not from the native-lang category or l10n project.


  • Commissary: Christoph Noack
  • Observer: Sophie Gautier
  • Observer: Mechtilde Stehmann
  • Observer: Drew Jensen

Actions and time line ...

Description of the Action
Time Range
Further Information
Announcement of elections
Nomination of the candidates
2010-06-01 ... 2010-06-15, 24:00 UTC
Introduction and discussion on candidates
2010-06-16 ... 2010-06-23, 24:00 UTC
Voting by the constituancy
2010-06-24 ... 2010-07-08, 24:00 UTC
Publishing of the voting results
to be defined

Candidates and results for this seat ...

Picture Candidate Name Nomination Mail Confirmation Mail
Introduction Mail Voting Result
Thorsten.jpg Thorsten Behrens Nomination Mail Confirmation Mail Introduction Mail
none none
AndreasBartel.jpg Andreas Bartel Nomination Mail Confirmation Mail Introduction Mail none none

Overall Results

Candidate Name
Voting Results
Product Development Representative
none yet none yet none yet


Announcement Mail Text


Community Council Elections 2010-06: Announcement and Nomination

Body Text:

Hi everyone, 

On behalf of the Community Council, I would like to announce the new round of elections for the Council and start the process by asking the Community members to nominate those they think would best contribute both to the Council and to You may also nominate yourself. 


Consider doing that. Or nominate someone you think has been particularly valuable for the project; he or she does not need to be a developer! This cycle, like the previous ones, is important. is ten this year and the eyes of the world are looking upon us with eagerness to see how we work with business, government, education, and individuals. Your voice, your input, your experience is needed to take into its next decade. 


Several categories of contributors make up the Community Council, for a total of ten persons. Those categories cover the breadth of All but one, the permanent Oracle representative (Stefan Taxhet), are elected by community vote. This time, the term of John McCreesh reached its end and his seat Product Development Representative is up for election. On behalf of all, I'd like to thank John for his long and immensely productive contributions to the Community Council! 

Any community member can be nominated for the seat of the Product Development Representative. Nevertheless, the voting itself will be done by the corresponding constituency – according to your role in the community. The people representing the constituency will receive an email when the voting phase starts. 


The nomination phase will last till 2010-06-15 (24:00 UTC). Please use the mailing list for the Product Development Representative to nominate the community members: 

Nominees, if you agree, then you need to confirm your nomination on the mailing list mentioned above within the nomination phase.

A commissary will help coordinate the election process, and I'll serve in that role. The observers will be Sophie Gautier, Mechtilde Stehmann, and Drew Jensen, as with the last elections. Thanks to them! 

Details on this election cycle and a link to the current Election Process Bylaws can be found on the dedicated wiki page. This page will be updated continuously to reflect the current status: 

This announcement will be posted to the relevant public lists as detailed in the Election Process Bylaw:,, and Project leads, please consider to forward this information to your project specific lists! 


Again, consider nominating yourself or someone equally interesting. We need energetic contributors who understand, and fully support the project and have a sense of its dynamic and potential. The world is changing - we know that - and to make sure it changes for the better, join us on the Community Council. 

Thank you all! 


Open Points

  • Add "Lessons Learned" section after 2010-03 --> Add general hint for the project leads to all their project members, so everybody is informed accordingly.
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