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Agenda items for the next meeting

Date: 2010-02-18

Time: 19:30 UTC (Click here for your local time)

Location: IRC

No Action Who When Status
0 List of Action Items of previous meeting for approval Regular item
Prepare wiki page for ‘Events’ Louis Done Need to be completed by MarCon
Hold CC Elections (Martin, Pavel, John) Louis
transferred to Christoph with help from John
Refresh Incubator and NLC Project processes Louis

Publicise the open slot at the start of the CC meetings Louis

5 Work with Clayton on estimates for Developing developers documentation Jürgen

6 Talk to Google about 2010 SoC John

7 Talk to Education Project Leads about structure and remit Cor

8 Talk to NLC about ‘NLC of the Month’ for OOo Newsletter Charles

9 Talk to Marketing Project about OOoCon support for remote attendees John

10 Reply to FSF Extensions Repository Louis

11 New template for CC meetings Christoph

12 Refresh Budget Pages on the Wiki with input from Matthias John

13 Confirm/discuss proposed dates for future council meetings all 2010-02-18 2010-02-14, added by Christoph

2010-02-17, first proposal draft available at Proposed Improvements

Minutes of Previous Meetings

To be found here.

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