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Agenda items for the next Meeting

Next regular meeting: February 19th 2009

TIME: 16.30 UTC

  1. Minutes of previous meeting for approval and action items. Thanks to André, to be found here
  2. Charter change - approved see mail
  3. Trademark - draft_0.6 is ready...
  4. Budget - we intended to decide on the budget for 2009. Is info available?
  5. Budget - Proposal for clear routing of funding request: see this mail. To help preventing some chaos with last minute requests and so on.
  6. Budget - Proposal to ask the l10n-team at Sun, if new hardware is badly needed. see mail
  7. Budget - SPI Info needed see mail
  8. Growing the project - see mail
  9. This year's GSoC
  10. Proposals for OOoCon and the Community consultation process
  11. AOB

Minutes of Previous Meetings

May be found here

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