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The origins and purpose of the Community Council are explained on the main Community Council site, where you will also find a list of the current members.

These wiki pages are used to record the day to day running of the Council, e.g agendas and minutes of meetings, budgets, etc.


  • Agenda contains the agenda of the upcoming meeting and the current work status of topics / action items
  • Minutes of the past meetings
  • Calendar contains a list of future meetings
  • Meeting Guidelines describe e.g. how to prepare the agenda
  • Meeting Guidelines, New Action Items describes how you can raise an issue for the Community Council. It will be added to the Agenda of the next meeting.
  • For communication we use the IRC Channel #OOoCouncil on freenode.

Council coordinator

The council works with a internal coordinator who looks after the planning and the progress of action items ... so basically, it is about poking the colleagues ;-) The aim is to improve the overall Community Council performance and to help to share the feeling of having a joined responsibility.

Current council coordinator: Christoph Noack (see Minutes 2010-01-21)

Additional information:

  • Next election expected: End of May 2010
  • A council coordinator is appointed every 4 to 5 months. She/he is chosen from the council members.
  • No formal change of rules intended.
  • Previous council coordinators: Cor Nouws (first one, 2009-05-28), Stefan Taxhet


Information about the Community Council budget and payments procedure is here.

Improving the Project

Watch and help the page for improvements in the project.

Elections of Council Representatives

Election Wiki Page Additional Information
March 2010 March 2010 Ongoing...
November 2009 November 2009
  • Code Contributor Representative: Juergen Schmidt (new council seat)
  • NLC Representative: Charles-H. Schulz (successor of Sophie Gautier)
  • Product Development Representative: Christoph Noack(successor of André Schnabel)
Earlier None Sorry, you have to search for the changes in the mail archives :-)

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