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The Modes

Selection Mode

Default mode. Subtleties: "Formula Bar" may be hidden, and input line removed ; "Formula View" mode.

Reference Input Mode

Entered upon: In Selection Mode, entering text beginning with an "=", "+" or "-".

References can then be selected with the keyboard (arrow keys and navigation keys) and mouse, and referenced cells get a colored background matching the color of the reference in the formula (in cell but not formula bar.)

Leaving the mode on:

  • Enter or Tab keys (validating the entry, back to Selection Mode)
  • Escape key (canceling, back to Selection Mode)
  • Click in the formula (in cell or in input line of the formula bar.) Entering Standard Edit Mode (with a bug because some referenced cells keep the colored border)

Edit Mode

References Edit Mode

Standard Edit Mode

Visualizing Referenced cells

See Also

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