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== People ==
== People ==
Developers wanted ''feel free to put your name and your area of expertise''
'''Developers wanted'''. -- ''feel free to put your name and your area of expertise''
[[Category:Calc|! !]]
[[Category:Calc|! !]]

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Calc Project

Please view the guidelines
before contributing.

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Calc Add-In:


OpenOffice.org Calc is the spreadsheet application of OpenOffice.org. There is a user FAQ, a manual, HowTos and a function list by category. This section here is mainly targeted to developers.

The application's source code is located in module sc. The mailing list for developer discussions related to Calc is dev@openoffice.apache.org, to subscribe mailto:dev-subscribe@openoffice.apache.org and then reply to the subscription mail sent to you to verify subscription. The project's webpage is http://sc.openoffice.org

For (hopefully) all wiki articles related to the project see Category:Calc. Some topics are also ordered hierarchical:

Article Hierarchy

things remaining to be done
things that were To-Dos
drafts of discussed or planned features
specifications of features implemented
implementation details
programming Calc using the API
writing Calc add-ins
tweak the source


Developers wanted. -- feel free to put your name and your area of expertise

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