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== OpenOffice.org CWS Upload FTP/FTPS Server ==
== OpenOffice.org CWS Upload FTP/FTPS Server ==

Latest revision as of 13:59, 13 May 2008

OpenOffice.org CWS Upload FTP/FTPS Server

FTP/FTPS upload area for registered OpenOffice.org Users. On this Server you could share your CWS builds for Quality Assurance and Development Issues. By any use of this service, you agree to be bound by the Policies and Terms of Use at http://www.sunsource.net/TUPPCP.html.

FTP Service Details

  • Ftp Server Name: qa-upload.services.openoffice.org

Current User Terms

    • anonymous User: is allowed to download files
    • to establish authenticated session: Use your OpenOffice.org User account and password. (Be aware that your password is transfered without any encryption on traditional ftp sessions)
    • authenticated User: allowed to up/download files
    • authentication methodes: SSL suport is enabled for command channel. It's also possible to use traditional ftp Service without any encryption
    • File access: all files are forced to be owned by a common local system User. Please be aware that you able overwrite other files
  • Current File upload Terms
    • CWS upload: it might be a good idea to create a directory using the CWS Name and put all related files into that directory.
    • Each upload will be scanned for known viruses. All positive Files will be moved into Quarantine (There is no errormessage;-)
    • Uploading of Archives more than 250MB will be treated as infected Files
    • Currently files will be hold for 30 Day's

FTP Client Details

reported to work in SSL Mode with this Server.

Issues and Features

To report an issue or request a feature please open an Issue described at: http://qa.openoffice.org/issue_handling/project_issues.html#oooinfrastructure

Please use component "www" and subcomponent "openoffice.org website general issues"

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