CWS Checklist for QA responsibilities

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Step 1 : Check common CWS requirement (Checklist in flow chart)

- Check if release target of CWS is set correctly.

- Check right adjustment of due dates (plan at least an average of 5 working days for testing in QA).

- Build version should not be too old compared to the current master.
(e.g. 1-2 build if many CWSs were integrated; 3-5 build if only a few CWSs were integrated - release phase -; last build if important changes were made in this build)

- Appropriate information about specific and global risks must be provided, either in the comments section of the EIS status page and/or in one or more QA child tasks.

- All issues must have the status 'Resolved/Fixed'

- All issues must be assigned to a QA members (except those only developers can verify)

- Issues that can only be tested by a developer must have the status 'verified' (set by another developer!)

- For all new features a FINAL specification must be existent

- For all features and changes a Change-Mail must be existent. The information can be found at

- Issues submitted by developers must provide a test case to ensure appropriate verification.

- All required install sets need to be existent (at least one Windows and one Unix/Linux build, whereas both must be a product build).

Step 2 : Check general CWS health (Avoid wasted effort of other stake-holders)

- Run required automated test on both product build - Windows and Unix/Linux – (first.bas, topten.bas from framework/first)

- Run additional testing on at least one platform (if necessary)

- Run additional tests for specific testing areas or Update-Test for specific applications

- Evaluate test results against Master Work Space (MWS)

Step 3 : Inform issue owners and wait for feedback

- Provide CWS name

- Provide CWS location

- Provide 'due dates'

Step 4 : Collect and evaluate Feedback

- Inform about obstacles in the comments section of the EIS status page

Step 5 : Nominate or reject CWS

- If the CWS must be rejected a comment with the reason for the rejection must be inserted in EIS.

Further questions

- Questions should be asked and discussed in

Helpful Links

- EIS - automatic guest login - :

- EIS - general user login -  :

- Specification process  :

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