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<jeongkyu> Hi everybody
<Forestcheng> hello to all
<maho> Hello all
<zlh> Hi, khirano, maho, Forestcheng, and all
<zlh> I'm Zhu Lihua
<maho> yes i know :)
<zlh> from Redflag
<maho> hello
<khirano> hi all
<maho> zlh : redflag office? redoffice?
<maho> your e-mail address is redoffice
<zlh> It's a pity that I was abcent from the first meeting because of out of internet connection.
<maho> hi khirano!
<Forestcheng> formal name: RedOffice
<maho> oh thanks
<jeongkyu> How's weather over there, guys? It just started raining my home town, GwangJu.
<zlh> Yes, Redoffice is product name, and redflag is company name.
<Forestcheng> It's cloudy in Beijing. a little bit cold.
<khirano> hi sdq
<maho> bit cloudy in Saitama
<zlh> khirano: sdq is my workmate. I'm not sure he is here right now. because it's right the lunch time:)
<Forestcheng> Have you had lunch in Korea or Japan? :)
<khirano> zlh: I see. :)  Can you introduce sdq for us?  His/Her full name?
<khirano> Forestcheng: No not yet!  I am hungry :)
<jeongkyu> Me neither~
<Forestcheng> So am I :(
<khirano> Hey Jeongkyu, you are coming!  Thank you very much!
<jeongkyu> khirano: Thanks. I am sorry not to post my comment on the agenda. :-)
<khirano> jeongkyu: No problem.  It's very good to have you here.
<zlh> khirano: sdq's Full name is Sun Dequan. He mainly contribute in automation.
<khirano> zlh:  Great to hear!  We have another Automation Guy! :)
<maho> great :)
<zlh> khirano: Yes, he is not very experienced yet, He sure will learn more from you :)
<khirano> zlh: Not from me but from Maho! :)
<khirano> Forestcheng:  Is Peter coming? do you know?
<maho> recently I don't do but matuaki-san does automated test :)
<Forestcheng> No, Peter is absent.
<khirano> Forestcheng: OK. thanks.
<khirano> Shall we start?
<maho> yes
<jeongkyu> Sure, go ahead
<Forestcheng> Yes
<zlh> Yes, please
<khirano> Who is very kind to take a log of this meeting? :)
<maho> me
<jeongkyu> Thanks maho.
<khirano> maho: thanks
<khirano> The meeting starts now.
<khirano> Agenda is here:  http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/CJK_Group/Agenda
<khirano> 1. 3.1 Release QA Status
<khirano> How is it going with you?
<maho> Enoki -san has been doing a good release qa management with me.
<maho> we have four testers.
<maho> matuaki-san likes to do automated test VCLTestTool
<khirano> maho: Who is Enoki-san?
<maho> Kunimoto-san and matayoshi-san do TCM test
<maho> :) you know :) Enoki-san is a release qa manager from Good-Day
<maho> Good-Day Inc.
<maho> Meguro-san does a release sanity test in the Forum
<Forestcheng> Great! Are there still bugs blocking release?
<khirano> OK, now zh and ko friends know who Enoki-san is :)
<jeongkyu> There are not many testers in Korean team, so we focus on release sanity test with the latest RC.
<maho> Forestcheng : no our team is not so organized to raise issues :)
<maho> jeongkyu: right, and how you find testers?
<jeongkyu> maho: We have a community site for Korean community, http://openoffice.or.kr/main/
<jeongkyu> And the site has basic information on how to join Korean team as tester, blogger, etc.
<jeongkyu> Some people show there interest in joining the team, but the problem is that they can't participate in the activity continously.
<Forestcheng> Yes, It's hard to keep volunteers always active.
<khirano> jeongkyu: I see the situation.
<jeongkyu> So, for now, we are focus on release sanity test with few dedicated testers.
* hanthana (n=hanthana@ は #ooonlc へ参加しました。
<maho> so jeongkyu, testers are usually participate only once?
<jeongkyu> maho: It depends on.
<maho> Oh
<khirano> maho: We are trying to fix testers, right?  Can you show us the QA project member list on the wiki?
<jeongkyu> Team members are interested in the activities including testing, but they are usually *very busy* with their company work.
<maho> http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/JA/QA/Members
<maho> now we have five members
<khirano> maho: Thanks!
<maho> I think making such table is nice, as people don't feel lonely
<maho> and encourage people to write thier names on wiki
<Forestcheng> Great idea!
<maho> (thanks khirano)
<khirano> To get fixed testers is a tough work!, you know :)
<khirano> we have to keep encourging them,
<jeongkyu> Is there any reward or compensation for being testers in your community?
<maho> No, nothing, but release
<khirano> keep providing up-to-date infomation to them
<khirano> jeongkyu: No reward.  But we are happy when our language OpenOffice.org is released to the public.
<jeongkyu> When there are user contributions such as good article or nice user support in KO community, I try to give small gift such as book or DVD.
<jeongkyu> But I haven't done it for testers. :-)
<maho> jeongkyu: you can ask community council budget for some supports
<khirano> Users are always waiting for nice and good and new releases of their language, I am sure.
<maho> khirano right
<jeongkyu> Right
<Forestcheng> community council budget? I just get to know.
<maho> Forestcheng:  http://blog.livedoor.jp/maho_nakata/archives/51110252.html
<Forestcheng> Maho: thanks!
<khirano> Let us keep sharing our experience including "budget" on the list ? :)
<Forestcheng> yes
<maho> I was asked by a person in FreeBSD community that please update your port and I'll give you 100Euro :)
<jeongkyu> But, I believe that donation could be a way to participate in the community.
<maho> jeongkyu: right:
<khirano> jeongkyu: Indeed!
<khirano> If you get an idea to how to promote donation, please give us those ideas to the list.
<Forestcheng> The better marketing, the more users, and the more contributions.
<khirano> Any question on the 3.1 releases?
<khirano> Forestcheng: Yes!
<jeongkyu> If there is no question then let's move into next item.
<Forestcheng> OK!
<maho> ok
<khirano> 2. RegiCon Asia 2010 Spring in Seoul
<khirano> Jeongkyu:  Have you talked with Peter about his visit to Korea?
* Jihui_Choi (n=Jihui_Ch@ は #ooonlc へ参加しました。
<maho> Hi Jihui
<jeongkyu> khirano: Not yet.
<khirano> Hi JiHui
<jeongkyu> Hi JiHui
<Forestcheng> Welcome! JiHui
<Jihui_Choi> hi,all.
<Jihui_Choi> I'm sorry. I'm late. ^^;
<khirano> jeongkyu: OK.  Do you have any concrete plan about the RegiCon?
<Forestcheng> No so late! We're talking RegiCon Asia 2010 Spring in Seoul
<khirano> jeongkyu: Venue?  Date? Sponsors?
<jeongkyu> khirano: Not yet.
<Jihui_Choi> Forestcheng: Thank you. And it's Great. I'm really exciting about it.
<jeongkyu> khirano: Before making concrete plan, I want to talk about 'what we want to achieve through RegiCon'.
<khirano> jeongkyu: Sure, you are right.
<khirano> "What to Achieve through RegiCon"
<Jihui_Choi> So.. What do you expect through RegiCon, jeongkyu and khirano?
<Jihui_Choi> I'd like to know your(both) thoughts.
<khirano> To start discussion about "What to Achieve through RegiCon" on the list will be my AI :)
<khirano> But I tell you now.  How to get quality localized OpenOffice.org for Asian people
<khirano> Then we can make good marketing of OpenOffice.org in Asia :)
<maho> aha - that's a point
<Forestcheng> I think the OOo quality is quite good, But compared with MS Office, there're still some bugs or inconvenience.
<maho> khirano : and this can be "egg" or "chicken" problem IMHO
<khirano> Forestcheng:  Right.  So we have to get more Asian developers and contributors.
<Forestcheng> :)
<Jihui_Choi> I agree with Forestcheng. But I'm feeling to need something more. especially about marketing and education.
<jeongkyu> For me, 'to get familiar with each other' is the most important thing in the RegiCon. :-)
<khirano> So we have many things to achieve through the Regicon in Seoul, right?
<Forestcheng> I don't know if some new great chance for OOo after Oracle bought Sun.
<maho> khirano: :)
<maho> jeongkyu: +1 and I 've never been to Seoul
<maho> and I'd like to go.
<khirano> Forestcheng:  It is a Chance!
<Jihui_Choi> How many OOo developers are in china and japan?
<maho> very small
<Forestcheng> Seoul is friendly city! I got two help when going to hotel from airport by subway.
<khirano> Forestcheng:  You should keep watching what our Marketing project lead and colead are saying about Oracle buying Sun :)
<maho> "good" developers usually very busy so they only subscribe mainstream mailing list
<maho> Forestcheng : http://www.linux-magazine.com/online/news/openoffice_future_uncertain
<khirano> Forestcheng:  Do you have a plan to go to Seoul with Peter?
<Forestcheng> Khirano: Thanks for your remind.
<maho> this is what khirano e-mailed to me today
<Forestcheng> Not yet.
<khirano> Forestcheng:  But it can be realized, right?
<Forestcheng> Maybe :)
<khirano> I will talk with Peter about your trip to Seoul and meeting with Jeongkyu and JiHui.
<jeongkyu> khirano: Sounds good.
<khirano> JiHui:  How long does it take for you to go to Seoul from your place?
<Jihui_Choi> khirano: Oh god.. I'm afraid of I can't see you.
<Jihui_Choi> I may go to Canada in early July.
<Forestcheng> IBM has a develop team, but I don't how many contribution from them.
<jeongkyu> khirano: It takes 5 hours by bus and 1 hour my air from my place to seoul.
<maho> Forestcheng: right. I don't see postings to MLs. Klaus (IIRC) told us that their contribuiton to the community is "C"
<Jihui_Choi> khirano: and I moved in  seoul.
<jeongkyu> khirano: JuHui is currently living in Seoul.
<khirano> Jihui:  Maybe we can discuss when Peter, Forestcheng and others will come to Seoul :)
<jeongkyu> khirano: Sure.
<khirano> jeongkyu: Good News!
<Forestcheng> Maho: what's meaning "C"
<maho> A is the best, and B is the second. C is not so good @OOoCon2008 Beijing
<khirano> OK, our AI:  we will talk with Peter about Seoul traveling schedule :)
<jeongkyu> khirano: Good! Let's talk about what I have to prepare in Seoul, and what you guys can help in detail when we meet.
<khirano> Any question about RegiCon in Seoul?
<jeongkyu> No question, then let's move into next item.
<khirano> OK, we move to More CJK Group Coordinators
<Forestcheng> No more.
<khirano> did you find any kind volunteer? :)
<Forestcheng> no one from volunteer :(
<Jihui_Choi> What is the CJK Group Coordinator?
<khirano> if you see: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/CJK_Group/Minutes#The_1st_IRC_meeting_2009-03-21
<jeongkyu> here is Korean explanation
<jeongkyu> http://openoffice.or.kr/blog/?p=735
<Jihui_Choi> Thank you, khirano and jeongkyu. :)
<khirano> Thanks, joengkyu!
<jeongkyu> JiHui: I though you already saw it.
<Jihui_Choi> I alreay read both article.
<khirano> Jihui:  I am sure you are one of good candidates :)
<Jihui_Choi> I wanted something more. However now I think I get it. :)
<khirano> Jihui:  Good!  you want to volunteer?
<Jihui_Choi> khirano: I really want. But I'll stay in cadata from july this year to May next year.
<Jihui_Choi> in Canada ;;
<Forestcheng> So long
<khirano> Jihui: No problem.  You can help us from any part of the world :)
<maho> :)
<khirano> Jihui:  Help us from Canda
<khirano> Canda/Canada
<Jihui_Choi> Yes I know But I'm afraid of I can't do anything to help about Seoul Reicon.
<Jihui_Choi> Anyway even I'm a very poor guy but if you're ok, I want to get it.
<khirano> Jihui: Yes you can!  You give us good ideas.
<khirano> All:  We have got a new CJK group coordinator now!
<Forestcheng> JiHui: you can tell your friends in Canada to use OOo. That'll be great help to OOo!
<khirano> JiHui:  I am happy to work with you :)
<Jihui_Choi> thank you khirano. I don't know exactly what shall I do. But I'll do my best.
<Jihui_Choi> :)
<maho> congratulations
<Forestcheng> +1
<jeongkyu> +1
<khirano> Thanks all, then we move to next item.
<Jihui_Choi> thank you, all.
<maho> applause
<khirano> 4. Zh is planning to translate OOo3.0 UserGuide in OOoAuthors
<maho> Really?????? great news
<Jihui_Choi> khirano: you mean OOO 3.0 getting started ?
<khirano> Which English version are you translating? Forestcheng?
<Forestcheng> it's OOo 3.0 in http://oooauthors.org/en
<Jihui_Choi> Great.
<Jihui_Choi> We're also translating it. http://openoffice.or.kr/blog/?p=623
<Forestcheng> It's time consuming work. How Ko and Ja think of this? Do you have OOo UserGuide in local language? or related documents such as: tips,skills,advanced or useful features...?
<Jihui_Choi> I translated to ch5
<Forestcheng> Great to Ko!
<maho> Forestcheng: no hesitations to say go for JA. We can expect a lot of volunteers :)
<khirano> maho:  does ja have Japanese version of this document?
<maho> IIRC no
<jeongkyu> And I translated the guide some years ago, and now outdated. It is 120 page manual.
<jeongkyu>  version. Here
<jeongkyu> http://openoffice.or.kr/blog/?p=234
<Jihui_Choi> Right. We-ko- have two version of that documents.
<khirano> jeongkyu. jihui: Great! isn't it!
<maho> yes great! ko  team
<Forestcheng> for Now: Do you translate from beginning of guide or just select some chapters?
<jeongkyu> As Forestcheng said, it is very time consuming to translated the every chapter of the guides.
<Jihui_Choi> But I envy you, ja. we don't have any book material. something for education.
<khirano> how many korean friends did that translation?
<jeongkyu> So, my initial work was to translate chapters for overall features and well used programs, such as writer, calc, and impress.
<maho> translation is one good step to contribute to OOo
<Jihui_Choi> Forestcheng: In case of jeongkyu, I think he translated what he needed. But in my case, I'm translating from start to end
<Jihui_Choi> khirano: unfortunately, but many.
<Jihui_Choi> Maybe jeongkyu and me?
<khirano> Jihui: Only two translators did that work!
<maho> Kubota Takaya san (now he is the coordinator) does good coordination
<Jihui_Choi> yes. jeongkyu translated at first. and now I'm translating new and improving his works.
<khirano> Forestcheng: What do you need to get the translation completed?
<Jihui_Choi> Forestcheng:  And How many people and how long do you expect for it?
<Forestcheng> We've got volunteers about 5 person.
<khirano> "Five" is a great number.
<Jihui_Choi> wow.. cool
<maho> great
<Forestcheng> I think we need to translate efficient. To translate what users really need to read.
<zlh> Yes, I agree.
<maho> do you use SUN's translation memory?
<Forestcheng> Not to translate everything. We've had some guide. We need re-organizing these documents.
<Jihui_Choi> right. there're reawlly many document in wiki. But we have to make the order of priority.
<khirano> Maybe Jeongkyu and JiHui can advise Forestcheng about priority, I mean which chapter should be translated first
<Jihui_Choi> khirano: yes. but I think Forestcheng and all already know.
<Forestcheng> Maho, we used Sun's TM in pootle translation.
<maho> thanks
<maho> Jihui and jeongkyu do you use SUN's translation memory
<zlh> I think one of the material users need most is How to achieve the functions that operations other than MS office operation
<Forestcheng> Jihui: you're welcome to tell me your thinking.
<jeongkyu> khirano: I figured out the priority from the number of questions in KO forum. The number reflects which application is used most.
<Jihui_Choi> Sure. we used the TM from Sun's and our own TM.
<khirano> jeongkyu:  That will be good infomation
<zlh> I offen hear from users: How to do this? how to do that? they used to operation like MS office. and they don't know how to do the same thing with OOo.
<jeongkyu> khirano: have a look at the number at the right - http://openoffice.or.kr/forums/
<maho> zlh : yes. this is what I hear from the community
<Jihui_Choi> zlh: me, too. But because of it, we have to make and translate documents.
<jeongkyu> khirano: In Korea, writer and calc are absolutely popular then other applications.
<khirano> jeongkyu:  I see it.  Good one.
<maho> zlh : if you have a list, please publish. Then all will start translation really immedeately!
<maho> a list = some operations that do in the way like MS Office
<zlh> maho: I'll collect some.
<maho> ok really important. you can post to [qa-dev] ML!
<zlh> Ok
<maho> oh UX ML might be appropreate
<maho> more appropreate
<maho> thanks zlh
<zlh> You're welcome.
<khirano> We have had good info from ko and zh community now.
<khirano> AI for me:  I will make a wiki page to show these good info :)
<khirano> And new CJK coordinator will help me :)
<Forestcheng> Khirano: thanks!
<jeongkyu> Sounds good.
<maho> thanks
<khirano> OK, next item.
<khirano> Next Meeting and How to get more people who can attend an IRC meeting
<zlh> I found OOo3.1 has fixed 27 bugs submitted by our team.
<maho> zlh can you blog it?
<maho> do you have a blog?
<zlh> Yes, I will.
<zlh> 20 of them are submitted after OOo300m9.
<maho> please do so. you can ask planet.go-oo.org too
<maho> all good developers read planet.go-oo.org every day.
<khirano> zlh: I am looking forward to seeing your blog :)
<maho> and you must show up as another hero
<zlh> thanks:)
<khirano> Next Meeting and How to get more people who can attend an IRC meeting
<maho> Get members in subproject and find motivated members :)
<khirano> maho:  Yes we will.
<Forestcheng> Sure!
<khirano> Aroud 13:00-14:00 is good for you all?
<zlh> I think How to join the meeting is a important information. So I add Server and Channel section in Wiki page of CJK group
<jeongkyu> khirano: No problem for me.
<maho> zlh: good point. marketing
<khirano> zlh: you are right!  I will.
<maho> marketing, marketing
<khirano> maho: :)
<zlh> I added.
<maho> great
<Forestcheng> :)
<khirano> zlh: Thanks!
<zlh> How about choose a time that nobody's lunch time?
<khirano> zlh: :)
<maho> take lunch eariler or prepare a lunch box (I bought a lunch box and onigiri today)
<khirano> Yes, I am sure I will think about it indeed!
<khirano> I am hungry really.
<maho> :)
<Forestcheng> You can mark busy during lunch time :)
<zlh> maybe someone like sdq must go for lunch, or they will miss the lunch time and have nothing to eat. so they have to absent.
<jeongkyu> me too!
<maho> :(
<maho> 14:00-16:00?
<Forestcheng> Great time!
<jeongkyu> nice for me.
<zlh> very good for us:)
<maho> ok to me too :)
<Jihui_Choi> yes. it's good. actuall I'm hungry, too
<khirano> OK, all
<Forestcheng> I must have something to eat!
<maho> oh all are hugry except for me
<khirano> I will propose around 14:00-16:00 next time :)
<zlh> I have had some cookies just now:)
<khirano> OK, everyone, any question?
<Forestcheng> Have a good appetite! So would we finish?
<jeongkyu> No question for me.
<maho> no questions
<zlh> No questions.
<Jihui_Choi> me, too
<Forestcheng> Then See you! Bye!
<khirano> Thanks all, now I will get someting to eat now.
<khirano> The meeting is closing
<Jihui_Choi> yeah. Thank you, all see you next
<maho> see you all thank you all!
<jeongkyu> Bye now... See you again!
* jeongkyu (n=chatzill@ は #ooonlc から離れました。
<khirano> Thanks all, see you!
<zlh> so long, have a great day!

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