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The buildbots are hosted by the Apache Software Foundation at The buildbot system used is extensively documented.

The buildbot is a system to automate the compile/test cycle required by most software projects to validate code changes. With automatic and frequent builds, build problems can be pinpointed quickly, before other developers are inconvenienced by the failure. By running the builds on a variety of platforms, developers who do not have the facilities to test their changes everywhere before checkin will at least know shortly afterwards whether they have broken the build or not.

Clean and Incremental Builds

There are two different types of builds: incremental and clean. Incremental builds only compile files that have been changed since the last build and reuse object files and libraries of unmodified files where possible. Clean builds start with removing old build artifacts from the last build. Clean builds take more time to finish than incremental builds. They are necessary after incompatible changes to the code. A code change is considered incompatible when it affects files for which the build system does not have a dependency on the modified file.

Nightly and Snapshot Builds

The buildbot performs a daily build, also called "nightly build", of the latest revision of trunk. A snapshot build is done once per week for a fixed revision of trunk or one of the branches.

Nightly Builds

Nightly builds are built only for en-US. Installation sets produced by the nightly builds can be found here. Direct links for the platforms:

Make sure to check if the build is up to date by looking at the overview.

Snapshot Builds

Snapshot builds are made for these languages:

ar cs da de en-GB en-US es fi fr gd gl hu it ja km ko nb nl pt-BR ru sk sl zh-CN zh-TW

and platforms:


Installation sets produced by the latest snapshot build can be found here.

Changing the revision of the snapshot build is run is done by changing the SVN tag named SNAPSHOT:

  • Remove the existing tag:
svn rm
  • Set the new tag to the desired revision:
svn copy -r<revision><trunk-or-branch>

Platform Coverage

The buildbot coverage differs from platform to platform:

Linux 64bit
The nightly build is always a clean build. There are no general known problems with the Linux 64bit builds.
Linux 32bit
Currently out of order (due to hardware problems?)
Clean builds are not reliable. The exact reasons are not yet known, symptoms are missing header files such as apr.h.

Nightly builds are incremental builds by default. Once a week the nightly build is cleaned. Clean builds can be requested manually (how?).

At the moment there are no Mac builds because there is no suitable server for this platform.

Buildbot Configuration File

The buildbot configuration file is available and changable by every committer.

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