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The following stock responses can be used directly, or adapted, to handle common situations when reviewing Bugzilla issues. Using a stock response can save time and improve communications.

Please use the support forum

Our Bugzilla issue tracking system is for reporting reproducible defects in Apache OpenOffice. For "how to" questions, configuration questions or general technical support issues I recommend that you use our Community Support Forum to ask your question. You can find the Forum at http://forum.openoffice.org

Then close issue as RESOLVED/INVALID

Cannot reproduce

I attempted to reproduce the defect you reported but was unsuccessful. I tested the following scenario:


I'm marking this issue as RESOLVED/IRREPRODUCIBLE. If we receive more information on how to reproduce the issue, we can reopen.


Need more information

I'm reviewing your defect report and attempting to confirm it. However, there is not enough information here for me to test your scenario. Specifically I need:

DESCRIBE EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED (a document, additional steps, additional configuration info, etc.)

I'm leaving this issue in the UNCONFIRMED state for now. But I'll need to move it to RESOLVED/IRREPRODUCIBLEsoon if I cannot find a way to reproduce it.

Leave issue as UNCONFIRMED, but add "needmoreinfo" keyword

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