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Branding Guidelines Draft

This is a draft for the Branding Guidelines. Elements for discussion can be posted here. The content of this site is not yet official.
Discussion happens either on the branding mailing list or from time to time on IRC.

Identity Statement

Mission Statement

To create, as a community, the leading international office suite that will run on all major platforms and provide access to all functionality and data through open-component based APIs and an XML-based file format.
  • What does OOo stand for? What general ideas/statements do we want OOo's branding to be guided by? stands for

  • Openness
  • Freedom
  • Interoperability (Standards)
  • Quality
  • Experience
  • Collaboration

How's branding reflects this

  • How do the aforementioned values translate to OOo's branding: minimalism? sharp/crisp/clear presentation? This is an opportunity to set some directions for designers (it could also be developed on the way as OOo's new branding develops)

Brand Colors

Documentation caution.png Please do not use the color picker to extract the colors. The colors shown on your screen may have been already altered by your computer's color management system.

OOo color web.png


Blue Black
HEX 0E85CD 000000
RGB 14 133 205 0 0 0
CMYK tbd tbd
Pantone tbd tbd

OOo colors.png

Logo: DO's

This is the white space that should be left unchanged around the logo:

Logo OOo space.png

Proposal for Conference and seasonal Logos

This is a proposal among others (collected at BeDipp's user page) of how to integrate the Logo with different graphical elements or conference logos. The white space is reduced compared to the normal logo and the font in this proposal isn't the final.

Logo OOo extended space.png

Here are two examples of how to fill the orb (in this case with a graph [1] and a foto [2]), but the idea is to leave the space within the orb to the creativity of the assigned design team.


Logo OOo extended dummy graph.png


Logo OOo extended dummy foto.png

(The foto is under a Creative Commons license. By jphilipg)

Proposal for NLC logo or other usage



Example with the Liberation Sans font type.


Logo Inverse

1. Blue:

Logo OOo invers blue.png

2. Black:

Logo OOo invers black.png

Logo Black and White

Logo OOo bw.png

Logo Grayscale (Proposal)

This is a conversion from a 24-bit image to an 8-bit image to obtain the correct color.
Color code of gray:
Blacktone: 55%
RGB: R 113 - G 113 - B 113
HEX: # 71 71 71



  • Guidelines on using the gulls by themselves (e.g. the gull orb)

Minimum Sizes

Logo min 100.png

100 x 30 pixel (35 x 11 mm)


The logo can be accompanied with additional text for conference, seasonal or project specific use. This font will be the default font to use together with the logo. It is important that the chosen font supports a wide range of languages and scripts (i.e. unicode font). This will benefit consistency among different projects and languages.


PNG with combination of fonts and logo

PDF with dummy text:

JPG example with M+ font with logo
JPG example with M+ font with text and logo
File:Version designation Vegur Mplus.png
Comparison of Vegur with M+ 1p at the OOo version designation


Never change the color of the logo or use different shades.

Logo-do-not-change-colors.png Logo-do-not-use-tinted-versions.png

Never outline the logo.


Do not place any imagery inside the logo.


Aspect Ratio

Never stretch the logo from it's original form but respect its aspect ratio.

New logo dont stretch1.png New logo dont stretch2.png

Background Colour

Don't use background colors that negatively affects readability of the logo.

New logo use appropriate bg1.png New logo use appropriate bg2.png

Place and Elements

Do not place the gulls on a different place.

New logo dont move elements.png

Trademark Symbol

Do not remove the ™ (trademark symbol)


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