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Home of the VCLTestTool.

In this module the VCLTestTool is located. Except for the GUI which is located in module basic. The VCLTestTool is a tool for QA Automation used by the qa project

The most important Directories are source/server and source/testtool. Another important Directory is the the directory source/app in Basic containing the GUI for the VCLTestTool.

  • source/server contains the code for the sts library which is loaded into the Office process to remotely controll the Office. It mainly uses the VCL Layer to access and manipulate the GUI. There is also the possibility to access the UNO::Dispatch Interface to dispatch slots.
  • source/testtool contains the plugin to the GUI from basic which handles the command extension of the standard basic and the communication with the sts dll running in the Office Process
  • source/miniapp contains a verry small application which can serve as office replacement for testing very basic functionality of the VCLTestTool.

Contact: GH

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