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This page covers the logo proposals for Virtual/Online Talk Sessions Talk Sessions

Entered in this page are the proposals by the community for the requested logo for the Virtual/Online Talk Sessions.

Luke Jones' Proposals

Here are my proposals for the logo, the font used for the 'Virtual Talk Sessions' text is 'Pakenham Xp' and is freely available from and the 'Man' vector is used from a brush pack from a User. There is one link too a .png version here.

Please note as this is the first time of me producing and submitting artwork, it might not follow full guidelines and chances are, may need the Sun Microsystems logo adding? or anything else. Feel free to have a play around with it.

Possible Edits:

  • Add Sun Microsystems Logo
  • Crop the bottom area to make it cleaner in that area

Added a second draft, as requested by the marketing department.

Logo Sample Draft One
Logo Sample Draft Two
Logo Sample Draft Two, Smaller version, cut off buttom
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