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This page covers splash screen proposals for v3


As we await 3.0, it is time to find a new splash screen to reflect a new and fresh release. ;-) Some of you already sent in splash screens and designs, thank you very much for that. We've compiled a list of requirements that a new splash screen MUST fulfill. Anyone who already sent in proposals, please double-check that ALL requirements are met:

  • it should fit into the general look and feel of
  • the size of the splashscreen and the space for the progress bar should fit (see the existing splash screen, and also refer to
  • apart from the splash screen, other design elements must be created (e.g. NSIS installer, about window)
  • the source must be available in vector format
  • the SCA (Sun Copyright Assignment) must be signed by the author(s)
  • the original logo and typeface has to be used and cannot be changed
  • two versions of the images are needed:
    • the Sun logo and the copyright text must be included
    • the other image shall be the same, but without the Sun logo and copyright text
  • the final image will be in BMP format, so there is no transparency possible

The last deadline for getting the final image into 3.0 is really soon - July, 14th!

The way to go is as follows:

(1) All candidates please add their proposals AND THEIR NAME AND E-MAIL ADDRESS TO to Again, double-check that you meet all requirements and added the required data!

(2) We will set-up a jury consisting of several project members. This jury will nominate candidates for the final vote.

(3) The final vote will be done inside the community, either via e-mail vote or via an official poll.

As all of this process needs some time, the deadline for sending in proposals is

JULY 1ST, 2008

This leaves us enough time for checking the sent in designs and claryfing open questions.

Sorry that all of this comes so short, but I hope nontheless to have a lot of contributors and helpers to make 3.0 a real eyecatcher!

Paul @ Dead End Cafe

Hi everyone :) The following images are samples of my logo design and backdrop style. I've included two versions of each image; a pure vector option and a vector+photograph option. The font used is called Qlassik, and was obtained for free from The cloud image is one taken by myself at high resolution.

Logo Sample (Vector+Photograph Version)
Logo Sample (Pure Vector Version)
Splash Screen Sample (Vector+Photograph Version)
Splash Screen Sample (Pure Vector Version)

Michal Svatý

Splash Screen Proposal
Splash Screen Proposal
Splash Screen Proposal
Splash Screen Proposal

Birds abstraction

Splash Screen Proposal
Splash Screen Proposal
Splash Screen Proposal


The arcs splash screens use the open source M+ font, available from, while the others use the current proprietary Frutiger font. Vector gulls are by Nikash Singh. More recent designs are displayed first.


Vector Gulls 2
Vector Gulls
Wireframe Gulls
Transparent Splash


3 Arcs (Blue variation)
3 Arcs (White variation)
Abstract Lines 1
Abstract Lines 2
Sky, Feathers, Clouds and Birds
Logo text using M+ Open Source Font, and Qlassik (free font)

Santiago Franco

Propuesta Gav Wave Fondo 2.png
Propuesta Gav Map Fondo wo Sun.png
Proposal Splash Screen Flying Inversion OOO3.png
Proposal Splash Screen Flying OOO3.png

Habitats (by Wyrfel)

These have been taken from

Splash-habitats5.png 3.0 Beta (by Stella Schulze)

The current Splash Screen: 3.0 Beta

Please, find this link for further information about progress bar spezification.

Splashscreen UI animation (by Trisilav)

This is an idea of making an animated form of splashscreen, where some elements of the splash screen appear, when a loading stage is completed.


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