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This list of to-dos gives some ideas where in the Online Help your contribution may be needed most.

Writing new guides

See specification pages for information on new and changed features

Guides for Calc DataPilot

Improving Calc function references (a big thank you to David King for his help, see issue 71289)

Guides for new Chart Module (a big thank you to Regina for her updated files, see issue 60360)

Guides for Base Connectivity (all platforms): ODBC, JDBC, MySQL, Access

Guides for using form controls to create form documents

Guides for Writer Envelopes, Labels, Business Cards

Guides for Writer Mail Merge

Guides for Writer Numbering/Bullets

Guides for XForms documents

Guides for Impress Slides & Master slides

Guides for Impress Effects

Meta guides for Submitting OLH issues

Meta guides for Fixing OLH issues

Meta guides for Delivering OLH as Extensions

Help with restructuring of Online Help for OOo 3, see issue 52158

Work with different stakeholders to publish the Online Help pages on the Web, making them bookmarkable and googleable - an alpha version (a proof of concept, using some old data) can be seen at the documentation project site

Guide for Regular Expression Searches

Guide for Mail Merge

New Start page for Tools-Options (see also 54487)

Troubleshooting Information

Introductory table guides for Writer, Calc and Base

and much more...

Improving existing guides

All guides of all modules should get navigation links to easily click through to the next/previous/parent page. You can submit an idea how to define a consecutive order for the existing guides.

Coding Help

As a developer with good programming skills and much energy and time, you can help to improve the Help in many ways. For example, we would like to improve the Help Viewer to fully support the Gecko rendering engine.

Standardisation of Help source files

Some help sources and related files need to be brought fully in line with the current specifications. See Help: Standardisation issues.

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