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This is the UNO Accessibility API <-> MacOS X Accessibly project page.

Milestone Planning

Accessibility hierarchy including Name, Role and DescriptiondoneM1
Bounding rectangles and hit testdoneM1
UI focus state and change notificationsdoneM1
Basic text supportdoneM2
Action mappingdoneM2
Window attributes, orientations and boundrect notificationsdoneM2
Text attribute supportdoneM2
Tables and outline viewdoneM3
Slider and sheetsdoneM3
Complete list of supported interfacesdoneM3
Performance optimizations etc.doneM4

M1Hierarchy and focus handlingEnd of Nov. 07
M2Text, text attributes and actionsMid of Mar. 08
M3Tables, outline view, slider and sheetsEnd of Apr. 08
M4OptimizationsEnd of May 08

Change Log

2007/12/06 moved boundrect and child notifications to milestone 2 due to insufficient documentation
2008/02/04 VoiceOver needs text attributes for speaking documents, so moved to milestone 2. Child notifications seem not to be expected at all.
2008/04/08 rearranged milestones

Known Issues

List of known issues


Overview of the MacOS X Accessibility Infrastructure, in particular “The Mac OS X Accessibility Protocol”, “Testing for Accessibility”, “Roles and Associated Attributes”.

Cocoa sheets

Cocoa drawer

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