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History, Milestones and Earth Shaking Events

The early years

1986 Marco Börries founds StarDivision after the first version of StarWriter was released in 1985
1990 Development site moves to Hamburg
1995 The release of StarOffice 3.0 marks a milestone in the development. It was a complete redesign of former programmes as a cross-platform office suite for Windows, OS/2 and Solaris Sparc directly competing with Microsoft Office 95. This is the oldest code that is still inside OpenOffice.org
1999 Sun Microsystems, Inc., buys StarDivision

OpenOffice.org 1.0 - Let Freedom Ring


Star Office to become Open Source? (Slashdot)


2000-07-19 OpenOffice.org announced; StarOffice 5.2 code open-sourced under LGPL/SISSL
2000-10-13 OpenOffice.org goes live, with the source available for download
2000-11-24 First port complete: PPC Linux
2000-12 An XML-based file-format specification is published, and used by default - the *.sxw / *.sxc / *.sxi type of files


2001-02 Integration of the new, psprint-based printing system
2001-04 Whiteboard (now Incubator) projects grow; these are community-initiated development projects
2001-04 Source code to Mac OS X port released
2001-04 First Lang (now Native-Lang) project - Francophone
2001-04 Thesaurus announced (en_US )
2001-05 Spell Checking integrated (MySpell)
2001-06 ODK released
2001-07 First community localization - Finnish
2001-07 Marketing (Whiteboard) project created
2001-09 Help system and content integrated
2001-10 Build 638c is released (638c was a milestone release)
2001-10 One Million Downloads!
2001-10 First anniversary


2002-04 10,000 members registered; 4.5 Million downloads
May - Version 1.0
2002-05 OpenOffice.org 1.0 announced
2002-05 6 Million downloads, 2,000 messages posted per week
2002-05-07 Mac OS X (developer) build released, adding to the list that includes all other flavors of Unix, such as FreeBSD
2002-06-30 OpenOffice.org grows to 55,000, adding five thousand new members per week
July - Version 1.0.1
2002-07 Native Lang projects: Deutsch, Español, Italiano, Nederlands, Português do Brasil
2002-08 Community-sponsored development projects include: Documentation, QA, WP, Groupware, Lingucomponent
2002-08 Best Office Productivity Award (Linux Journal)
2002-08 Evolutionary Enterprise Award (Linux World Expo) (picture coming soon)
2000-09 SDK released, superseding the ODK
2002-09 XML Journal Finalist Award
2002-10 New developer builds and ports: 643, Mac OS X11 Public Beta
2002-10-13 Facts:
2002-12 OOoForum.org opens offering user support in English only

  • More than 8.5 Million downloads
  • Over 70,000 registered members
  • More than 30 projects and sub-projects, two of which, Marketing and Documentation are led by volunteer community members; the Porting Project is co-lead by a volunteer member
  • Over one hundred developers and contributors working in all the active projects


January - Version 1.0.2
2003-02 OpenOffice.org Software Development Kit released (Beta; now final)

March 20 - 21 OpenOffice.org Conference - University of Hamburg, Germany

SDK 1.0.2
2003-04 OpenOffice.org 1.1 RC1 released

April Version

2003-07 OpenOffice.org Mac OS X (X11) port finalized (GM)
2003-08 Numerous new Native-Lang and Incubator projects
2003-09 The OpenOffice.org Community Council Formed

September Version 1.1, Main new features: PDF Export

2003-10 Awards: Numerous user and editor awards
2003-10-13 Facts:

  • More than 20 million downloads
  • Over 107,000 registered members
  • More than 50 projects, many led by volunteer members
  • Sixty localizations achieved or in progress
  • Over 270 developers and contributors
  • More statistics


April Version 1.1.1
June Version 1.1.2
October Version 1.1.3

September 22nd - 24th OpenOffice.org Conference - Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

December Version 1.1.4


July de.openoffice.info opens offering Deutsch user support

September Version 1.1.5

September 28th - 30th OpenOffice.org Conference - Koper - Capodistria, Slovenia

November www.forum-openoffice.org opens offering Français user support

Evolution - Version 2.0 Arrives

October Version 2.0, Main new features: OpenDocument format, redesign of OpenImpress and OpenBase
December Version 2.0.1


March Version 2.0.2
July Version 2.0.3
October Version 2.0.4

September 11 - 13 OpenOffice.org Conference Lyon, France

December Version 2.1

Adaptation - Extensions, ODF Tools


March Version 2.2
June Version 2.2.1
September Version 2.3

September 14 the first entry at extensions.openoffice.org Auto Starter for Presentation documents

18th to 21st of September OOoCon Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)

November User Services Community Forums English boards open

December Version 2.3.1


March Version 2.4
June Version 2.4.1
October Version 2.4.2

November 5th to 7th OpenOffice.org Conference Beijing China

November 5th The first template is made available at templates.services.openoffice.org 1/4" Cartesian Graph Paper

Maturity and Grace - Version 3.0 Takes the World by Storm

October (2008) Version 3.0, Main new features: Native MacOS X support


May Version 3.1
August Version 3.1.1

November 3, 2009 - November 6 OpenOffice.org Conference Orvieto, Italy


February Version 3.2
May Version 3.2.1

August 31st - September 3rd OpenOffice.org Conference Budapest Hungary

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