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If you need to solve problems with the implementation of native menu bars for the Aqua port then it might be useful to know the environment variable AQUA_NATIVE_MENUS.

Native menus are defaults. If you want to use vcl menus, do:


Note: options to not recover is -norestore , and to bypass the user informations to fill in, use -nofirststartwizard

AQUA_NATIVE_MENUS=FALSE ./soffice.bin -nofirststartwizard -norestore

You can also insert environement variables in a Dictionary Class of Info.plist located in the Contents directory of bundle.

For example, you can add the following XML in a text editor (or make it generated by Property List Editor) in your Info.plist :


Notice that in order to work, the OOO_DISABLE_RECOVERY variable detection must be manually inserted in OOo code using the following patch :

This patch is outdated, but you can make the modifications yourself.

Notice the enviroment variable here. AQUA_NATIVE_MENUS is experimental stuff created by Pavel, SAL_NO_NWF was created some times ago, and is located in vcl/source/window/window.cxx . At the moment we have:

Variable Function
SAL_NO_NWF=TRUE disable native controls code
AQUA_NATIVE_MENUS=FALSE disable native menus code

Both changes are marked with comments in the source code, and when we remove them in the future, native controls and native menus will be enabled by default.

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