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Task Pane Content - Information Design

LS 3.0.1 Content Analysis

Lotus Symphony 3.0.1 makes the following task panes available. The user is presented with default task panes in each editor. A user can customize the task panes by evoking the task pane container view menu.

Table Legend
D = Default task pane
A = Available task pane

LS Task Pane Content Document Editor Spreadsheet Editor Presentation Editor
Properties D D D
Style List D D A
Clipart D D D
Navigator D D D
Functions D
Data Pilot
Slide Templates D
Animation Effects D
Slide Transition D
Colour Palette A
Eyedropper A
Image Animation A
3D Effects A

AOO 3.4.1 Content Analysis

The document editor and spreadsheet editor each have a number of task views available, which can be docked. Dockable task views are evoked via the view options on the main toolbar. The presentation editor has a number of task panes which are docked by default.

Table Legend
D = Docked task pane
T = Task view

AOO Task View Content Document Editor Spreadsheet Editor Presentation Editor
Navigator T T T
Gallery T T
Data Sources T T
Master Pages D
Layouts D
Table Design D
Custom Animation D
Slide Transition D

Content Analysis

Both AOO and LS's current task pane implementations have strengths that should be emulated, and some weakness that presents an opportunities for improvement. Our design direction should seek to build off the strengths of each design, and address known issues as we seek the optimal hybrid solution.

While AOO currently provides the ability to dock and stack task panes, the available content is limited. Each of the core editors (Writer, Calc, and Impress) include navigator content. Wrter and Calc also include clipart gallery content and data sources content. These task panes are evoked from the main toolbar and are rendered by default as modeless dialogs. Impress includes a number of task panes with are docked by default. An accordian list view contains the following task panes: master pages, layouts, table design, custom animation, and slide transition.

LS provides a rich collection of task pane content.

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