2008 Q2 Review of Porting Project

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Review of the OpenOffice.org Porting project (April 2008)

Status of the project

what are the most severe issues in the current release

which are the most requested (or needed) features (in the press, user forums, issues, other feedback)

short term planning

which defect needs to go into the next release

various MacOSX issues (see query)

which features will be worked on for the half year.

  • include native MacOSX (Intel) build into regular release schedule, make this a primary platform (planned for 3.0 release)
  • include Linux 64 bit build into regular release schedule, planned for 3.0 release
  • stop support of Windows 98/ME platform, last supported code line is 2.4.x

which issues needs an assignment

mid/long term planning

which features/bugfixes needs to be addressed in the next two/three years

watch work on odftoolkit.openoffice.org for results which can be used for a solution on small devices. No assigned resources from the porting project at this time.

no plan to continue support Irix platform

unassigned feature/bugfixes

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